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1479: Rotarian becomes South Korea’s new president

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  • Sunil K Zachariah
    Rotarian becomes South Korea s new president By Susie Ma A Rotarian has risen to the top position in the South Korean government. Myung-bak Lee, of the Rotary
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2008
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      Rotarian becomes South Korea's new president
      By Susie Ma

      A Rotarian has risen to the top position in the South Korean government.

      Myung-bak Lee, of the Rotary Club of Seoul Samchung, Seoul, won a
      landslide victory in December to become the country's 17th president.
      RI President-elect Dong Kurn Lee attended the inauguration
      festivities on 25 February.

      "We hope that the objective of Rotary to encourage and foster the
      ideal of service will help you administer the affairs of the nation,"
      the RI president-elect said in a video message shown at a District
      3650 celebration in January. More than 700 Rotarians attended the
      event, which was held in the new president's honor.

      The president responded: "I am most appreciative for what the Rotary
      Club of Seoul Samchung and fellow Rotarians did. I will make an
      effort to reflect honor upon Rotary."

      Lee became involved with Rotary in 1994, after expressing an interest
      in charity work to his friend and colleague Woo Joo Chang, a member
      of the Rotary Club of Hanyang. From 1995 to 1996, Lee served as
      charter president of the Seoul Samchung club.

      "The club set a good example of Service Above Self by working with
      orphanages, showing concern for the elderly, and offering
      scholarships to college students," said Chang. He added that Lee has
      been "a model Rotarian," attending as many club meetings as possible,
      even while serving as mayor of Seoul from 2002 to 2006.

      Though Lee will be unable to remain involved in Rotary activities
      because of his busy schedule, Chang says Rotarians are excited about
      his presidency.

      Several other South Korean Rotarians have served as high-level
      officials, including former prime ministers Chung Yul Kim, Duck Woo
      Nam, Choong Hoon Park, and Chang Soon Yoo, all members of the Hanyang

      Lee also joins the ranks of Rotarians around the world who have led
      their countries, including Foreign Minister Bhichai Rattakul of
      Thailand, Prime Minister Antoine Pinay of France, Foreign Minister
      Jan Masaryk of Czechoslovakia, and President Warren G. Harding of the
      United States.

      Source: Rotary International News
      Courtesy: eFlash_Rotary
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