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1353: President's September 07 Message

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  • Sunil K Zachariah
    President Wilfrid J. Wilkinson s MESSAGE September 2007 All of us in Rotary know that we re a part of something larger than ourselves. We know that Rotary is
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      President Wilfrid J. Wilkinson's MESSAGE
      September 2007

      All of us in Rotary know that we're a part of something larger than
      ourselves. We know that Rotary is an organization that transcends the
      boundaries of religion, language, and culture. We know that it is a
      force for peace, goodwill, and fellowship, and we know that it is a
      force 1.2 million strong. But most Rotarians' involvement in Rotary
      is made up primarily of club meetings, community projects, and
      international work through partnerships with other clubs. Because of
      practical reasons, most Rotarians don't travel to distant countries
      when they're part of a service project abroad.

      What this means, though, is that for most of us, the internationality
      of Rotary can seem distant, and it can be difficult to fully
      understand. As a new member of the Rotary Club of Trenton, Ont.,
      Canada, I was very happy being part of an organization that I saw
      doing so much good work locally. I might have stayed focused on that
      local work for years had there not been an international convention
      scheduled in Toronto shortly after I joined.

      That first convention was what really opened my eyes to Rotary. It
      brought the world of Rotary, the world that stretches far beyond my
      own club, all together in one place. I saw how truly international an
      organization Rotary was, and I understood, for the first time, just
      what I had become a part of – and just how much there was to do, to
      contribute, and to become.

      At a convention, you start to see your own club in context, as part
      of a network of 32,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and
      geographical areas. You're inspired by the work that so many of these
      clubs are doing, and you bring new knowledge and ideas home to your
      own club. Most important, perhaps, are the personal connections made
      at a convention: the friendship and fellowship that will link your
      club to others for many years to come.

      The 2008 RI Convention will be held in Los Angeles, a multicultural
      city that is a fitting site for such an event. If you've already been
      to a convention, perhaps you need no convincing to register for this
      one. Los Angeles is a city of stars, and when you come, you will see
      the Rotary stars, the Hollywood stars, and the stars twinkling in the
      sky over the Hollywood Bowl. If you've never been to a convention,
      then I urge you to join Joan and our whole family for a wonderful few
      days of fellowship and inspiration. I believe this event will change
      your life, as it did for Joan and me in 1964.

      Wilfrid J. (Wilf) Wilkinson
      President, Rotary International

      Courtesy: eFlash_Rotary
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