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1267: Incoming trustee chair shares vision for Foundation's future

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  • Sunil K Zachariah
    Incoming trustee chair shares vision for Foundation s future By Antoinette Tuscano Rotary International News The Rotary Foundation s incoming trustee chair
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2007
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      Incoming trustee chair shares vision for Foundation's future

      By Antoinette Tuscano
      Rotary International News

      The Rotary Foundation's incoming trustee chair shared his dream for
      what Rotary can accomplish with the support of all Rotarians during a
      speech to district governors-elect at the 2007 International Assembly
      in San Diego.

      Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair-elect Bhichai Rattakul, who served as
      RI president in 2002-03, said his goal for the upcoming Rotary year
      is to contribute to the bigger Foundation dream of making the world
      better through humanitarian and educational programs. Referring to
      the Foundation's founder, Rattakul said, "Arch Klumph had a dream for
      doing good in the world, and we are indeed fortunate to be a part of
      his dream."

      Rattakul outlined a four-point action plan for all Rotarians: Conquer
      polio, support The Rotary Foundation's programs through the Annual
      Program Fund's Every Year, Every Rotarian initiative, ask Foundation
      alumni to join Rotary clubs, and redouble efforts to bring peace and
      goodwill to the world.

      Eradicate polio
      Although incidents of polio have been reduced from 350,000 cases a
      year to 2,000 since 1988, the promise of eradicating polio has not
      yet been fulfilled. "The battle is still on," said Rattakul. "There
      are still children who need those drops of vaccine."

      Polio can be eradicated, but Rotarians must continue supporting the
      effort through their time, energy, and financial contributions. "We
      must pledge to march ahead with even stronger determination until the
      work is done," said Rattakul.

      Support the Foundation through EREY
      "I dream that every Rotarian will experience firsthand the joy of
      service by actively participating in our Foundation programs next
      year and every year thereafter," said Rattakul.

      The success of Foundation's programs depends on the contributions of
      individual Rotarians. "It is through these individual efforts that we
      have the combined strength to change lives," he emphasized.

      Encourage alumni to join Rotary
      Rotary Foundation alumni have the same mindset about service as
      Rotarians do, and, when asked, they are likely to join a Rotary club,
      said Rattakul.

      "Let us reach out to them. Let us continue to invest in our
      Foundation alumni by giving them the opportunity to serve others
      through Rotary," he said.

      Foundation alumni include Ambassadorial Scholars, Rotary World Peace
      Fellows, and Group Study Exchange teams.

      Foster peace and goodwill
      "It was our founder, Paul Harris, who said that 'the way to war is a
      well-paved highway, and the way to peace is still a wilderness.'
      Today, I think many of us feel lost in that wilderness," said

      While all of the Foundation's programs contribute to peace and
      understanding in some way, two deal with it directly: Rotary Centers
      for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution and the
      Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies program.

      "Financial support for these programs is crucial. The Trustees have
      set the target to raise US$95 million by 2015, which is necessary to
      fully support Rotary's dream of peace in our world and make it a
      reality," said Rattakul.

      Each year at the assembly, the incoming trustee chair announces goals
      for the coming Rotary year. Governors-elect will take these messages
      back to clubs in their districts as they begin planning for the year

      "Through you, I want to share these dreams with the Rotarians in your
      district and take action," Rattakul said. "Remember, when Rotary
      Shares, our dreams will come true."

      Courtesy: eFlash_Rotary
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