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25964113: District Grants allowed for Low Cost Shelters - PRIP Kalyan Banerjee

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  • sunilkzach
    Jun 26, 2014
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      District Grants allowed for Low Cost Shelters

      At the April 2014 meeting of the Trustees, a decision has been taken to allow the construction of LOW COST SHELTERS using DISTRICT GRANTS.

      Trustees eliminated the following funding restrictions from district grants: 

      • Rotary Youth Exchange, RYLA, Rotaract  or Interact

      • Construction

      • Travel for staff of cooperating organization

      • Activities primarily implemented by an organization other than Rotary

      Please note that removing the restriction on construction from the grants criteria will allow low-cost shelters to be an eligible activity within district grants, by Rotary Clubs & Districts.

      They therefore can start constructing low cost shelters using district Grants.

      For clubs in India / South Asia, this means that districts abroad, can send you their district funds for the construction of low cost shelters.

      Many districts abroad have such funds available. They will be happy to help by sending your funds, after you establish the necessary contacts.

      The cost of the shelter is not restricted.

      We know that in our part of the world, we can get a low cost, 250sft – 350sft shelter in $2500.  You will need to establish contact with districts abroad, who can gift their district funds (DDF) to you for shelters, as a joint project

      Please note the land/ plot for the shelters must be donated, gifted, received from a Trust etc. It can be purchased if extra money / donor is available, but NOT from District Funds.

      Let us start. Let us get shelters going again. A home is where the Family begins. A home brings hope. It gives self respect & it brings security.

      Share this information with your clubs & have a District Shelter Committee. Send me the names of the Chair.

      Write to me if more information is needed. But do mention this in your Grants.

      Warm Regards

      Kalyan Banerjee

      Trustee, Rotary Foundation (2013-17)