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21010Re: [eCS-Technical] Can't Install ArcaOS from DVD...!

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  • Lewis G Rosenthal
    Dec 6 5:46 PM
      Hi, Martin...

      On 12/06/17 08:09 pm, Martin Rosenfeld rosenfeldmj@... [eCS-Technical]
      > Neil,
      >>> "An error occurred during installation. Please check the log files
      >>> %logfiles% or contact support."
      >> What happened when you contacted support?
      > I take it that you meant this as a joke. Actually, the joke is that Arca
      > Noae left all the old IBM messages intact. Level 1 support is
      > eCS-Technical, and when this first level fails to solve the problem, if
      > it is significant, I take it to level 3, Mantis.

      You are operating under bthe false assumption that all messages generated
      are from IBM's work in the 1990's and 2000's. That error message is an Arca
      Noae message, coming from install.exe, which is 100% Arca Noae code, and
      indeed, you should check the log files in \var\log and open a ticket with us
      so that we may properly address your issue.

      You *have* installation support for the product. eCS-Technical is *not* - I
      repeat: *not* - level 1 support. This is a user-to-user forum, as in, "hey,
      I just got this error, and before I open a ticket, has anyone else seen
      anything similar?"
      Please open a ticket and attach \sys\install\rsp\inst_rsp.zip as well as the
      abend.log (if it exists; it should, in this case, I think).

      Neil was not joking - not by a longshot. We're here to help.


      Lewis G Rosenthal, CNA, CLP, CLE, CWTS, EA
      Rosenthal & Rosenthal, LLC www.2rosenthals.com
      visit my IT blog www.2rosenthals.net/wordpress
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