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Design Events at Cooper Union School of Art

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  • Richard Streitmatter-Tran
    ========Exhibitions=========== Electronic Salon Graduate Students Projects from the MIT Media Lab: Aesthetics and Computation Group Sep 7 -October 14 Print
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2000

      Electronic Salon
      Graduate Students Projects from the MIT Media Lab: Aesthetics and
      Computation Group
      Sep 7 -October 14

      Print Display
      Willem Sandberg: Catalog Designs at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam,
      Post-1945 Era
      Sep 7- Oct 14

      Gerald Phillips Design Lecture: John Maeda
      Cooper Union, The Great Hall, 7 East 7th Street
      Tuesday, September 19, 6PM

      John Maeda is Sony Career Development Professor fo Media Arts and
      Sciences, Associate Professor of Design and Computation at the MIT
      Media Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He attended MIT where
      he was awarded the bachelors and masters degreess in Computer Science
      and completed his doctoral studies in graphic design at the Tsukuba
      University Institute of Art and Design in Tsukuba, Japan. There he
      began to experiment with ideas on ways to bond the simplicity of good
      graphic design together with the complex nature of the computer.
      Those experiments grew into a series of five books called "Reactive
      Books" that are today a worldwide-recognized standard for high
      quality digital media design. His commercial work for Shiseido
      Cosmetics, Sony, and Morisawa was honored in 1996 in the one-man
      exhibition, "John Maeda: Paper and Computer" at the Ginza Graphic
      Gallery in Tokyo, Japan and the Dai Nippon Duo Dojima Gallery in
      Osaka, Japan. He recently published the 256-page book "Design by
      Numbers" from The MIT Press which outlines the theoretical
      underpinnings of his work as a combination of graphical examples and
      codes. His new book, "Maeda@Media" is a 50-page bok that underlines a
      decade of his experiments in digital media and is forthcoming in
      October 2000.

      Wolfang Weingart
      Tues, Nov. 14, 7-8:30 PM
      The Great Hall, 7 East 7th Street

      Wolfang Weingart, author of his long-awaited book Wolfang Weingart:
      Typography has inspired designers in North America and Europe through
      his teachings and lectures. A self-taught designer, trained as a lead
      typesetter, Weingart if founder of the periodicals TM/Communication
      and typographic Process and a contributor to the Typographische
      Monatsblatter/St. Gallen, Switzerland. As the successor to Emil ruder
      at the world-famous Schule fur Gestaltung in Basel, he enhanced the
      rigor of Swiss Typography. Weingart's book summarized his lifework,
      describing his own development and the foundations of his teachings.
      He has taught typography at the School of Design, Basel, Switzerland
      since 1968 and lectured on his teaching methods in over 15 countries.

      April Greiman
      Monday, Sep 25, 6PM
      Wollman Auditorium, 51 Astor Place

      April Greiman belongs to the generation which has represented design
      in the United States at an international level since the 1980's. The
      combination of Greiman's training at the Allgemeine
      Kunstgewerbeschule in Basel with new media developments and a West
      Coast spirit has produced a hybrid graphic style. Greiman opened her
      own studio in Los Angeles in 1976 and has taught at the Southern
      California Institute of Architecture.

      Keith Goddard
      Monday, Oct 16, 6PM
      Wollman Auditorium, 51 Astor Place

      Keith Goddard is the principal of StudioWorks, founded in 1968 as a
      collective of architects and graphic and industrial designers
      originally called Works. Goddard will discuss the transformation of
      information and ideas from the print media to the environment by way
      of information architecture, graphic installations or exhibits. Or,
      as Goddard puts it, graphic design on the edges, front, back, sides
      as well.

      Nancy Skolos
      Monday, Nov 6, 6PM
      Wollman Auditorium, 51 Astor Place

      Nancy Skolos has worked with her husband the photographer Thomas
      Wedell as a partner since 1980 as Skolos/Wedell, a Boston-based
      interdisciplinary design and photography studio. The two work to
      diminish the boundaries between graphic design and photography--
      creating collaged three-dimensional images influenced by modern
      painting, technology and architecture.

      Rudi Baur
      Monday, Nov 27, 6PM
      Wollman Auditorium, 51 Astor Place

      Ruedi Baur opened the studio, Integral Design, in 1980 and co-
      established the BBV Studios in Paris, Lyon, Zurich and Milan the
      following year. Baur is the director of the Hoschule fur Graphik und
      Buchkunst in Leipzig, Germany. Baur designed the new signage for the
      recently renovated Pompidou centre and won the competition for the
      logotype to represent the French government's program "France 2000".

      Alexander Gelman
      Monday, Dec 11, 6PM
      Wollman Auditorium, 51 Astor Place

      Alexander Gelman is founder and creative director of Design Machine,
      an interdisciplinary studio based in New York. Gelman's work is part
      of permanent collections in Europe and the U.S. The book of Gelman's
      design philosophy, Subtraction: aspects of essential design was
      published by RotoVision (UK) in January 2000.
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