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55Technology Show at Stroudsmoor

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  • designeburg
    Jan 5, 2005
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      Bob Bennet of Secured Managed Solutions is hosting a FREE technology
      show (inc Buffet Dinner and drinks) at Stroudmoor on January 12th from
      5.30pm to 8.30pm.

      Bob will make a short presentation about the Fixed Wireless Data Pipe
      that he has running from NYC to Blakeslee which covers East
      Stroudsburg. This 'Pipe" allows data speeds of up to 75 Megabytes per
      second transmitted via 'line of sight' microwave.

      SMS are also rolling out Wifi and Mesh Wifi in East Stroudsburg and
      Stroudsburg. This will allow those that work, visit or live in the
      borough to connect to the internet via a wifi enabled laptop, palm
      pilot etc whilst sitting at their favorite cafe, parked in their car
      or sitting in the park etc. SMS are also installing spot Wifi in many
      local businesses for the use of their staff and customers.

      If you want to attend this event (And I recommend you do, just so you
      can stay ahead of the technology curve and find out what's happening)
      call Bob on 570 421 4974 or email him on smsrb@...

      Bob expects a number of elected officials (maybe even Paul Kanjorski)
      and the contenders for the 189th State Rep seat will almost certainly
      be there so you can meet them and find out what they're about.