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Re: 2 dyslexic boys

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  • bobbin1uk
    Thanks, I guess it helps that someone thinks I m doing the right thing.
    Message 1 of 846 , Jul 1 1:46 PM
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      Thanks, I guess it helps that someone thinks I'm doing the right thing.
    • anthony_qh49
      ... God bless you
      Message 846 of 846 , Jan 12, 2003
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        --- In dyslexiaclub@yahoogroups.com, simonjames30 wrote:
        > Hi <br><br>This is a club for people who are
        > dyslexic or have family members who are dyslexic or just
        > have a general intrest in the area.<br><br>So encorage
        > as many people to join as possible and lets make
        > this one of the best clubs on the net<br><br>Simon

        God bless you
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