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Transition Success

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  • Joan Azarva
    My name is Joan Azarva, and I am a college Learning Specialist with 35 years of experience with LD; I am also the parent of an adult son with LD/ADD who
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2009
      My name is Joan Azarva, and I am a college Learning Specialist with 35
      years of experience with LD; I am also the parent of an adult son with
      LD/ADD who graduated college successfully. Thus, I have two
      perspectives on being in the trenches!

      At the college, I saw far too many capable students fail because they
      were ill-prepared for the unique challenges of college. They compounded
      that with navigational errors. I am only one person and was deluged
      with students to the point I was ineffectual –in 2006, I resigned.
      However, I still have a mission to increase the college success rate
      (just about 16%) for these students!

      Determined to help students PRO-actively, I started an e-list that
      distributes articles to help parents set their kids up for postsecondary
      success. Subscribers to my list receive at least 2 very high-quality
      articles per week; I am very discriminating because I know what I would
      have wanted when I was in your shoes.

      I also wrote a class, Conquer College with LD/ADD, which I teach online
      and for which I charge. There no obligation whatsoever to purchase a
      thing from me – you may remain on my list indefinitely for all the
      great free nuggets. I want to reach people in all socio-economic
      groups as I earn a living.

      I am NOT a spammer and would NEVER sell e-mail addresses. Please
      research me online – you can see my bio and endorsements on
      LinkedIn.com . To subscribe to my list, go to

      Here's to success for our kids,

      Joan Azarva, Ms.ED

      P.S. Here are some comments from subscribers:

      BTW- I have passed along info about your newsletter to friends of mine
      w/ college-bound special needs teens. I think they will find the
      information useful. – Marilyn

      Since becoming a part of your e-mail list I have received such a
      tremendous amount of helpful and useful information that I cannot
      believe it. Even the teachers at my child's school have asked me, "How
      did you know that, where did you find out about that?" There is no way
      that I would refuse you!! I wondered after I did not enroll my child if
      you would end my listing, but you have continued to send me more and
      more info. When the time comes to prepare my child for college I will
      try to enroll him with you, in the mean time, I can help him more and
      more thanks to all that you send our way. THANKS TO YOU!! –

      Thank you for doing this much needed work Joan…... I found your
      initial materials reinforced much of what we have been doing. Thanks
      again for another learning opportunity with this next big transition.
      I'll share your info with my daughter too and of course my husband.
      – Wendy

      Thank you so very much for your excellent service. I appreciate your
      expertise so very much! - Dee

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