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  • goce74
    ... among ... Macedonia (or FYROM , in Eastern Europe)
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 1, 2007
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      > Where do you live?
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      > Sent: 3/31/07 6:28 PM
      > Subject: [Dyslexia Club] hi
      > Im 34 years old i dont have a clue if im dyslexic or not but i have
      > had a great difficulties at university and to gain a degree.
      > A third time i enrolled at faculty at age of 28. Im studing with
      > difficulties and if there are some methods of resolving this im
      > open to it. In my country this kind of disabillity is not known so if
      > you can help i'll be greatfull.
      > Often i ask myself do i have low selfesteem, how rational im!?.
      > One thing that im certain is that i wanna live fullflled life and
      > many other goals a university diploma.
      Macedonia (or FYROM , in Eastern Europe)
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