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EPC - European PSK Club

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  • MM0DFV
    Dear Friends, Myself and a few other amateurs are starting an informal European PSK Club (or more commonly EPC ). Its purpose is to promote activity and good
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2006
      Dear Friends,

      Myself and a few other amateurs are starting an informal European
      PSK Club (or more commonly "EPC"). Its purpose is to promote
      activity and good operating practice on the PSK mode(s) on all
      amateur bands. Membership is free for any licensed radio amateur.
      All of our managers serve on a voluntary basis. A high quality and
      colorful membership certificate in PDF format is sent via email to
      new members when membership is granted. Each new member is assigned
      a unique "EPC Number" which is retained for life, regardless of a
      change of callsign. A EPC number is never re-issued and it is listed
      in the Membership records forever. All EPC members are eligible to
      participate in various club's activities and award programmes.
      Please pass this information to others you think might be interested
      in joining our club.

      The following questions are most commonly asked by those interested
      in the EPC or by new members:

      What are the benefits in belonging to the European PSK Club? - The
      EPC is like any other HAM radio organization, a group of HAMs who
      are interested in promoting PSK mode(s). In order to keep interest
      up on the PSK mode(s), the idea of collecting "EPC Numbers" has been
      developing. Personally, each member enjoys the camaraderie of
      kindred spirits, whether the activity is informal rag chewing or
      numbers chasing or a more formal EU PSK DX Contest or QSO Party. In
      an effort to make EU PSK Award Programme more affordable to PSK
      enthusiasts, we have provided EPC members the opportunity to get
      both EU PSK Awards as well as EU PSK Badges at a special 30% member
      discount price.

      How do I join and where do I get my EPC number? - Any licensed
      amateur authorized to operate PSK mode(s) can join EPC. There are no
      special requirements. Just send your information (callsign, name,
      address and email) to mm0dfv@... or P.O. Box 7469, Glasgow,
      G42 0YD, Scotland, U.K. We will assign you a EPC number and send it
      to you along with your membership certificate.

      What do I do with my EPC number now that I have received it? - You
      can exchange it with other EPC members (on PSK mode(s), of course)
      and keep a record of their number. We are planning numerous awards
      for collecting EPC numbers. You can just give your number to others
      when asked for it. It is strictly up to you as to how involved you
      want to get in EPC and EU PSK Award Programme.

      What happens to my EPC number if for some reason I lose interest in
      EPC? - Once you are issued a EPC number, it is yours for life. If
      you decide to not participate in EPC and EU PSK Award Programme,
      your number is still yours. You can still give it to other EPC
      members and you can still collect numbers yourself.

      73! de MM0DFV
      Jurij Phunkner
      P.O. Box 7469
      Glasgow, G42 0YD
      Scotland, U.K.
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