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  • Hi Ed ! Yeeeeees, indeed it helped !! It took me a blink of an eye to see it running. I would never haved tried that... Thank you Roberto EB4EQA --- In dxatlas_group@^$1, "Edward H Russell" wrote: > > Hi Roberto, > > > > I have had the PowerSDR VAC connection working with Faros for a long time > with no problems. The trick seems to be setting the audio IF to -9600. This > is...
    roberto.barrios Oct 30, 2010
  • Hi all, I'm running Faros 1.3, Virtual Audio Cable 4.1 and PowerSDR Beta v2.0.8 with a Flex-5000 radio. I've spent an awful amount of time trying to make Faros work with the I/Q connection via VAC. It works fine in audio mode, which is not surprising. I've got also CWSkimmer, (also licensed as the rest of the software) and it seems to work almost always with I/Q input, with many...
    roberto.barrios Oct 29, 2010