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  • I try to install the version 1.44 and have the same problem too. Nothing from 17m appear and i'm not able to select more cluster on the list and save them too. Curious !! --- In dxatlas_group@^$1, "ve2xk" wrote: > > Hi, > > I just update to version 1.5 and i find out that i'm no more able to see any 17M band spot. > My filter is OFF > > Any idea what can happen ? > > Thanks & 73's...
    ve2xk Feb 11, 2011
  • Hi, I just update to version 1.5 and i find out that i'm no more able to see any 17M band spot. My filter is OFF Any idea what can happen ? Thanks & 73's VE2XK
    ve2xk Feb 11, 2011
  • Thanks Alex. I wish you had add the configurable colors we talk about a few month ago LOL Dark marine blue hard to read on black blackground. 73's Michel VE2XK
    ve2xk Jan 27, 2011
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  • Hi Dan, That would be a great add on, specialy for 6M. I wish to have also as add ON the FFMA Award grid tracking and standing including a border inside the map of the FFMA ZONE. 73's Michel VE2XK FN07PJ --- In dxatlas_group@^$1, "oceanbiz01" wrote: > > Dear Alex, > > Is there any chance that you can add into MAP/Grid a new display marker which shows the antipode of the home...
    ve2xk Nov 28, 2010
  • Same problem here also. He stop on November 4th. 73's de Michel VE2XK
    ve2xk Nov 7, 2010
  • Alex, Would be possible to put a selectable additional mask on DXATLAS to be able to track the FFMA award ??? I mean selectable mask with border on the US MAP or separately just for FFMA ?? Also a tracking grid facility just to check how many of those grid are confirmed of the 488 are to work. There is the informations of the FFMA Award. http://www.arrl.org/ffma# You will find the...
    ve2xk Jul 20, 2010
  • Hi Alex, That work great. Thank you very much for the syntax to add on the INI file of DxAtlas. 73's de Michel VE2XK --- In dxatlas_group@^$1, "Alex, VE3NEA" wrote: > > Hi Michel, > > You can increase the maximum zoom-in factor by adding this entry to the > [Map] section of the DxAtlas.ini file: > > OverZoom=8 > > 73 Alex VE3NEA > > > > > > ----- Original Message ----- > From...
    ve2xk May 2, 2010
  • Hi Alex, Do you think would be possible to improve a bit more the zoom IN capability of DXATLAS ? It's limited right now for zoom IN. Sometimes i wish to be able to zoom more or closer some part of the world. Thanks 73's de Michel VE2XK
    ve2xk May 2, 2010
  • Hi Alex, Yes i think it's a good adea too. Maybee you can add to freely change the background color too if you like. You never know LOL Problem right now is the bad match of 2 dark color like the dark blue (marine) with the black backgound on the «Proton Flux» graphic. That's very hard to read i find. Thanks in advance for this big future improvment Alex. 73's de Michel VE2XK...
    ve2xk Apr 24, 2010
  • I find the weekly «Proton Flux» dark blue graphic color bearly readable on the black background. Same are also by the Dayly value to read It's possible to change this ???? If would be a good suggestion to add a configurable color of the graphic. Thanks Michel VE2XK
    ve2xk Apr 23, 2010