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  • ...not import into the DX Bulletin Reader starting from no.999. On the contrary, the DX Calendar does import correctly 73 -- Bob, I2WIJ --- Lun 30/8/10, Alex, VE3NEA ha scritto: Da: Alex, VE3NEA Oggetto: Re: [dxatlas] New DLL for 425DXN? A: dxatlas_group@^$1 Data...
    Bob I.2.WIJ Aug 30, 2010
  • ...have done already. I was just wondering if there will be a possible patch/fix in the future. That feature was really neat! 73 Bob, I2WIJ --- In dxatlas_group@^$1, "Alex, VE3NEA" wrote: > > Hi Bob, > > The format of the web page that lists the callsigns of the contest...
    Bob Jan 30, 2009
  • Hi Alex, any news about it? Is there any fix or it is my fault? Pse refer to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dxatlas_group/message/1297 for details. Thanks, Bob, I2WIJ
    Bob Jan 28, 2009
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  • ...The other two downloads, announced op and last Master dta. work ok as before. Using MEdit.exe 1.7 Thanks for your time. 73 Bob, I2WIJ http://www.qsl.net/i2wij/
    Bob Jan 23, 2009
  • ALEX, IT WAS THAT!! now it is working great! Thanks a lot for your cooperation. 73 Bob, I2WIJ --- In dxatlas_group@^$1, "Alex, VE3NEA" wrote: > Bob, > > > - the UninstallString value, in addition to > > InstallLocation, in...
    Bob Jul 11, 2005
  • ...I have privilege to run; executable is not corrupt since VOACAP is working ok on its own. Please any other hints?? 73 Bob, I2WIJ
    Bob Jul 8, 2005
  • ...even retyped the path but no changes. Any other thing I can do to overcome this situation? Thanks for your cooperation. 73 Bob, I2WIJ ============ you wrote ============== Hi Bob, When Voacap installs itself, it stores the path to its home directory in the Registry...
    Bob Jul 5, 2005
  • ...pops-up: Acces violation at address 0043338F in module 'HamCap.exe' Read of address 0000014C. OK And stops. Any hint please? Bob, I2WIJ
    Bob Jul 4, 2005