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Re: [dxatlas] DxAtlas spots

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  • Garrett Brandt
    Hi Alex: well downloaded Bandmaster zip and installed..but it will not run on this computer,, a Pent Laptop 2.4 gig.. installs alright but will not run.. I
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 24, 2004
      Hi Alex:
      well downloaded "Bandmaster" zip and installed..but it will not run on this computer,, a Pent Laptop 2.4 gig.. installs alright but will not run.. I get the screen that says do I want to report problem to Microsoft..I have 9 other computers and will try it on them later tonight..I did try installing it 5 times different ways.. I'll try to attact th e problem report but not sure if it will..
      let me know if you get it or have a solution..
      de aa0oi@...

      ATTACHED: It will not let me cut and paste report on to this email..
      I'll let you know if works on other computers..

      "Alex, VE3NEA" <alshovk@...> wrote:
      Hi Garrett and all,

      > ? are there other progams that will receive the
      > cluster and post the spots on the map??

      My new program, Band Master, will be officially announced in a few days.
      It is a DX Cluster client that, in particular, integrates with DX Atlas
      and shows the spots on the map. While I am working on the Band Master
      web site, you are welcome to take a sneak peek at the program:

      > I am using Log-Eqf and would
      > like to interface it with dxatlas,possible?? also it nice that MixW
      > interfaces with dxatlas (also using QRZ on HD)is it possible to have
      > dxatlas (besides placing the pin-showing where to place the pin) to
      > put in the annotation, the contacts information (name,call,etc)

      This is possible but requires a few extra lines of code in Log-Eqf
      and MixW. Please talk to their authors.

      > PS. It would be nice if some where in the progam you could list the
      > pins and define what each one was for..Like red=MFSK ,
      > green=psk31,blue=6 meter ssb etc

      Great idea. I am adding it to my (already long ;-) to-do list.

      73 Alex VE3NEA

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