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Re: [dxatlas] Still in the dark or 'Another senior moment'

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  • Bruce Tanner
    Don t go beyond shaking out the cobwebs! G nite from the Eastern Time Zone.
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 14, 2008
      Don't go beyond shaking out the cobwebs! G'nite from the Eastern Time Zone.

      Spencer Shields wrote:
      > Thanks Bruce. As you may have seen, I all of a sudden had my brain
      > fart pass, and I figured it out.
      > You were right. I was looking in the wrong folder for hamcap. All is
      > well, until I find the next brick wall to beat my head against.73
      > Spencer W7SUR
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      > <mailto:dxatlas_group%40yahoogroups.comFrom>: bet110@...
      > <mailto:bet110%40comcast.netDate>: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 23:51:37
      > -0500Subject: Re: [dxatlas] Still in the dark or 'Another senior moment'
      > Spencer, in case Alex does not get back to you this evening I will try
      > a whack at this. It sounds like you have another step to go. The 'zip'
      > file will be extracted into a folder such as you have described. At
      > that point I believe you have to click on that 'setup' program you
      > mention. That should then establish "Ham CAP" in a folder by its own
      > name which resides under a master folder called "Afreet" found within
      > your Windows/Program Files location. Once you have that Ham CAP folder
      > installed you should see the SSN.dat file in that folder. As before,
      > download the new SSN.dat fule, unzip it and move it to the Ham CAP
      > folder. As Alex mentioned, it should ask you if you want to replace
      > the existing file... at that point tell it 'YES' and it should take
      > care of the situation.Good luck.Bruce, K2BETwapiti_sur_slayer wrote:>>
      > Alex: OK, I still need help setting this all up. I deleted my hamcap>
      > folder and then down loaded the hamcap.zip file. extracted the files>
      > again. ran setup. I still only have a 'readme file, and a setup file
      > in> my hamcap folder.> I could not see a ssn.dat folder to replace
      > with the newer version.> Where am I going wrong?>> I realize that I am
      > at least 1 brick short of a full load on> somethings, so I hope you
      > will be pateint with me until I hopefully get> all things running
      > properly.> Thanks in advance for your help.>> Spencer W7SUR 73>> >>
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