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Re: [dxatlas] Learning curve started!

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  • Dan Schaaf
    By the way, If you are using AALog 2.47 integrated with bandmaster, the DX that you need will be displayed in RED and a new DX Spot will have a green bar on
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 13, 2008
      By the way, If you are using AALog 2.47 integrated with bandmaster, the DX
      that you need will be displayed in RED and a new DX Spot will have a green
      bar on it. Nice to have so that you don't waste time working countries
      already worked before. And it does this highlighting for each band. So, if
      you worked VQ9LA on 40 meters, he will show up on 40 m as black, and if you
      didnt work him yet on 20 meters, it will show in red. Same for modes,
      Digital, SSB, CW etc in red if not worked yet in that mode and band. Neat
      And, if you are in the living room watching TV and a new DX comes on
      Bandmaster, the computer will send DX in morse code thru the PC speaker, so
      you can jump off the couch, work the DX and go back to teh couch and TV
      again. I crank up the volume so I can hear it in the patio.

      Best Regards
      Dan Schaaf
      K3ZXL www.k3zxl.com "In the Beginning, there was Spark Gap"
      Cape Cod Instruments
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      From: "Spencer Shields" <spensur@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2008 9:22 PM
      Subject: [dxatlas] Learning curve started!

      Thanks Dan!
      I have decided to get more aggressive in learning how to use my radio. My
      XYL just scratched her head when she heard that I wanted to get into Ham
      radio. I am not a very 'chatty' person, and am more prone to just sit back
      and listen to others, but once engaged in a good conversation, I come out of
      my shell and enjoy voicing my opinion.
      Anyway, I hope to make good use of the expertise here in this group. I
      just wanted to make sure that I wasn't in over my head by joining this
      group.....I always feel like I need to be lead by the hand until I get a
      good grasp of the concepts involved in a new program.
      There are not many other hams in my immediate area. I live about 100
      miles south of Salt Lake City,Utah. And therefore, don't have an Elmer to
      consult with, and learn how to get started in some new mode of operation.
      I found someone willing to help me get started into the digital modes, and
      finally learned how to use PSK31 well enough that I finally tried the
      PSKFest this last weekend. Now I want to learn how to become a good DX
      contact, and use all the features on my rig, that I paid my good money to be
      able to have.
      I have a TS 2000 radio, MFJ 993-B tuner, Cushcraft beam antennas (2 Mtr,6
      Mtr,and 10-15-20 Mtr), and a dipole for 40 and 80 Mtr. This is probably all
      the equipment I dare buy to get me into retirement, and keep my wife of 36
      years from leaving me. Hi Hi
      Thanks Again for coming back to my post so soon. 73 Spencer
      Shields W7SUR K

      To: dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.comFrom: dan-schaaf@...: Sun, 13 Jan
      2008 20:45:01 -0500Subject: Re: [dxatlas] What have I gotten myself into?

      Spencer, I think you will receive lots of help here in this group.Just to
      mention, I use Hamcap plots of time vs. frequency and I will tell you that
      it is very accurate. I can save lots of time by not even listening for the
      DX until HAMCAP indicates the best times to listen. It is NOT perfect
      however, since there have been some times when the DX is audible and teh
      HAMCAP says that the S/N is very low or 0 or negative numbers. But, I still
      find it pretty darn accurate. When it says that the Best Time is, for
      example, 1130 UTC, the DX station will peak at that time.I use the Ionoprobe
      to increase the accuracy. Also, set in your antenna types for best accuracy.
      For teh DX Station antennas, I use the same as my antennas. If it is not
      correct, no problem, it just means that the DX Station may have better
      antennas than I have and so their signal will be stronger than I am
      expecting.Best RegardsDan SchaafK3ZXL www.k3zxl.com "In the Beginning, there
      was Spark Gap"----- Original Message ----- From: wapiti_sur_slayer To:
      dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2008 8:29 PMSubject:
      [dxatlas] What have I gotten myself into?Greetings Everyone: I have just
      joined this group to try to learn more about using Hamcap and dxatlas,and
      any other things that will help me work my radio better.I have been a ham
      for about 3-1/2 years, and I am working my way through the hobby, trying to
      learn new areas of operating bliss.I have mostly just listened to other hams
      on SSB, trying to learn how to operate correctly, and improve my knowledge
      of what it takes to become profidient at DX and working other stations.Today
      I tried for the first time to use hamcap to learn what it will do, and how
      to use it to make contacts on bands other than 40 and 80 Meters. I had some
      success (?) hearing DX stations on bands that I had ,up until now, thought
      were dead because of the solar cycle.I guess my main question is: Am I in
      the wrong group? I read through the postings for the last few months, and
      they seem to just be talking about new improvements to the program. Where is
      the best place to learn how to use the programs and increase my learning
      curve? 73 Spencer[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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