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Re: [dxatlas] Faros, soundcard trouble.

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  • g8kbv
    Hi Garrett... OK on the AC97 troubles, but it Faros OK on other PC s also with the AC97 sound system, but yes, they seem to be noisy, but that pales into
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 26, 2007
      Hi Garrett...

      OK on the AC97 troubles, but it Faros OK on other PC's also with the
      AC97 sound system, but yes, they seem to be noisy, but that pales
      into insignificance compared to the background noise on HF, even with
      narrow (cw) filters. Alex off list said much about the timing needs
      of Faros, and that some systems will not do that accuately enough,
      end of story, sadly...

      For now, I've dug out an old Dell Optiplex mini desktop and will
      dedicate that to Faros as time goes by, but there is still lots of
      work to do to get that system ready for what I want, but that will
      need to be setup for use with VNC etc, as I don't have a spare
      keyboard or display, yet..... Pitty, as the shack is not a large
      room, and it's quite "tight" in here already.

      I can't easily install another soundcard in the Tosh (laptop) unless
      it's an expensive PCMCIA card (cost more than the PC is worth, not
      cheap over hear in the UK) USB could be an option, but again from
      what is said (but I've not yet checked) there are issues with them

      I think there is a lot if variation in the various vendors
      implementation of the AC97 drivers, some seem very much better/worse
      than others, considering that the hardware is much the same, and yes,
      it's in one of the VLSI chips on the laptop's main board.

      Cheers for now...

      Seasons greetings etc.

      Dave G0WBX.

      --- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, AA0OI <aa0oi@...> wrote:
      > Hi Dave:
      > This has little to do with Faros, but we do alot of digital modes (
      mostly digital sstv, but almost all the others as well) AC97 is the
      worst sound card ( mostly built onto mother boards) ever... many
      programs will not even run under AC97.. A suggestion would be to
      replace ( just put in a cheap sound blaster $15.00 usd) and turn off
      AC97 Sound.. But that just my opinion.. The quality of the signal
      will be better and cleaner in and out!!
      > Garrett / AA0OI
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      > From: g8kbv <dave@...>
      > To: dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Monday, December 24, 2007 8:52:47 AM
      > Subject: [dxatlas] Faros, soundcard trouble.
      > Hi All.
      > OK, so who (if anyone?) has had any problems with Faros and it
      > thinking a soundcard is still in use by another
      program/application ,
      > when it isn't? (As far as I can find out anyway.)
      > I have this trouble when running it on a Tosh' Sat' Pro 4600.
      > The basic spec's for the PC are...
      > CPU: PIII/700
      > RAM: 384Meg
      > Sound: Yamaha AC-XG WDM Audio System,
      > based on Intel 82801BA(M) ICH2 - AC'97 Audio controller.
      > OS: Win2000 Pro, all up-to-date.
      > It runs Digipan and other soundcard DSP stuff etc very well, and is
      > nice machine for rig/shack use, due to the availability of "Real"
      > serial/parallel ports etc, as well as newer USB holes and network
      > etc...
      > On another Win2k PC (with a different sound system) Faros runs it
      > just fine.
      > Cheers All..
      > Happy Crimbo and all that.
      > Dave G0WBX.
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