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Key to EU6TV IOTA-ISL.ZIP... I'm begging

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  • L. Sica
    Fellow DXAtlas Users I m sure someone on this group can help me. I m begging that they do. I need the password to EU6TV s IOTA-ISL.zip file (all IOTA Islands).
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2004
      Fellow DXAtlas Users

      I'm sure someone on this group can help me. I'm begging that they do.

      I need the password to EU6TV's IOTA-ISL.zip file (all IOTA Islands). I
      assure you that I am ***NOT*** trying to steal this file and trying to con
      anyone. I DID originally have this password, but I lost it on a system
      rebuild. I had sent Nikolay a list and coordinates of New Jersey islands
      for his "all IOTA islands" file, and for that he sent me the key. I would
      rather be able to contact him and get the password, but, regreattably, he
      became a SK earlier this year. Even "zip password cracker" programs don't do
      me much good here (even though I'd rather not use them) because they would
      take several days to "crack" a six character password, several months to
      crack a seven character password, and up goes it exponentially from there.

      If anyone has either a password to this file, or a contact person for me
      that has Nikolay's old registration information, I would appreciate it.

      Thank you all for your time.

      Lou Sica AC0X
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