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Great Job Alex - Faros 1.0 !!!

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  • gdwe4s
    Hi Alex, I ve just downloaded and registered your latest program Faros 1.0. What a great program you have written! The waterfall display, gifs, and text
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2006
      Hi Alex,

      I've just downloaded and registered your latest program Faros 1.0.
      What a great program you have written! The waterfall display, gifs,
      and text logging is a great idea. It's something I've been thinking
      about for some time, but I'm no where near the programmer you are so
      I haven't gotten too far. Your style and intuitive programming fits
      me well. The clean layouts and intuitive flow are very welcome. There
      are plenty of bad programs out there, which are awful to use. Some
      have good ideas, but have been poorly implemented. If we could lay
      your programming style and ideas on top of parts of DXLab, we'd be
      getting some where! Oh well I'm dreaming big time now.

      OmniRig and Rocky are two other programs I'm currently using and like
      very well. Rocky is my preferred tool for the SoftRock 40.

      I've only been using Faros for a few days and would like to add these
      ideas into the pool for the next release or so. You probably are
      already thinking of some of these suggestions:
      - The ability to add beacons from the 10m band between 28150 and
      28300. I'd like to be able to enter around 10-20 beacons, add the
      call sign and frequency, and possibly a variable scan rate.
      - Support for the SoftRock 40, multiple sound cards, and multiple
      serial ports. I'm thinking about dedicating SR40's to several bands
      dedicated to monitoring.
      - With multiple SR40's I'd like to have the ability to switch and
      select multiple antennas by band as well. Say have a vertical for 10
      meters and dipoles for the other bands. Being able to select antennas
      via the parallel port is something I'm doing today using the Ham
      Radio Deluxe program. The 8 parallel port bits select 8 relays using
      the 74v2 Kit at www.electronics123.com. The setup works great via my
      Ameritron RC10-12v antenna switch box.
      - Being able to specify the file folder where the auto-save gifs are
      stored other than the default. I want to integrate near real-time
      beacon maps from my QTH into my website, which is listed below.
      - Now for my extreme wish. Being able to tie beacon monitoring data
      to my DXLab spot database in a way which `automatically' lets me know
      if a known path is open to one of the 71 countries I have left to
      work! Then have it email me, page me, etcÂ… So I can use my remote
      control station to work themÂ… I love this stuff and am currently
      having a wonderful time thinking about it and rejuvenating the ham
      hobby for me Alex!

      Again, thank you for a very well written program, Faros! If you need
      a software alpha/beta test user I'll volunteer.

      WE4S - Grady Donaldson
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