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Easy money! Legal money! Quick money! Genius plan!!!

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    Easy money! Legal money! Quick money! Genius plan!!! Hey, my name is Max Segal and I want you to make money with me. It s quick, legal and easy money. You can
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2006
      Easy money! Legal money! Quick money! Genius plan!!!

      Hey, my name is Max Segal and I want you to make money with me.

      It's quick, legal and easy money. You can read this article, you can
      ignore what will be writen here, it is only a matter of your
      responsibility for your future, you can get rich after 2 weeks by
      doing almost nothing so... simply take a few minutes and read.

      Money of love.

      I found this letter that you are going to read during one of my
      wanderings in the web, and exactly like you had came up for this
      article eventually. This article is talkin about that we can make
      money, big money during a couple of short weeks with basic
      invenstment of 6$ and 6 stamps. My first thought was like maybe
      yours now, that it's imposture, I told my self: "Yeah right, another
      bullshit..." I was sceptical, but just like the most of us curious
      and continued reading...

      There was written that if I'll send 1$ to everyone of the names and
      the addresses that were in the article I will be able to make
      thousands of dollars in very quick time. Additionaly you supposed to
      add your name and address and send to 300 communities, forums,
      chats, icq, msn et. (in the web there are like 500,000 just forums
      and this is opening a possibility for very big market).


      Usualy I always ignored letters like that, but the love and the
      attention that this letter was written with, and the results and the
      profits showed me that this is different and fortunately I decided
      to take part.

      If the letter will be read by more people everyone of us will earn
      more money! Just if we'll take our suspicions away we will take the
      money. How absurd, to think that someone's cheating on us, how much
      energy we are spending on the suspicion? Instead of taking this
      energy and invest it in this wonderful opportunity.

      The first question that I've asked my self before I decided to take
      part in this was: "Can it be real?" and the answer is yes! It is
      right and it is working! The man that was under me in the list is
      telling: in 7 days I started to get money in my mailbox. I was
      shocked! I thought that it's going to end soon and I didn't think
      about this too much. But the money continued to arrive! After the
      first week I got 26$, by the end of the second week it was like 1000
      $, by the end of the third it was 10,000$ and this was just growing!
      Now it's the 4th week and I've got 42,000$ and the money is
      continuing to arrive! No doubt, it was worth the investion of 6$ and
      6 stamps!

      Attention! Follow the elementary instructions and see how you get
      the money

      It's easy, it's legal and your investion is only 6$ and stamps.

      If all the instructions will be done with attention you will produce
      amazing dividend. This plan is keeping being succesful because of
      the honesty and the taking part of the people that are reading it.
      Please, continue this success and help us to help each other of us
      including you of course.

      Here are the 4 steps to succeed:

      Step 1:

      Take 6 pieces of paper (desirable dark to prevent stealing of the
      money through the mail) and write the following: "Please add me to
      your mailing list", write your name and your exact address. Now take
      6 bills of 1$ and put every one to dark piece of paper this way that
      the money will not be seen or felt through the envelope. Now put
      every bill covered with the dark paper and the note to envelope and
      close them. Now you supposed to have 6 closed envelopes with 1$
      (covered with dark paper), the note :"Please add me to your mailing
      list" , your name and your address.

      What you are doing now is making a service: you are asking for a
      legitimate service that is to be included in the mailing list of the
      man that this reques is sent to and you are paying for this.

      Send the 6 envelopes to the following addresses:

      1. Doris Day 7431 E. Walnut Lane Philadelphia, Pa. 19138;

      2. tephen Mitchell 1977 Alcovy Trace Way Lawrenceville, Ga 39945;

      3. Brad Taylor 6 Terry Ln. Hutchinson, KS 67501;

      4. Cedric Etienne 239 Autumn Breeze Way Winter Park, FL 32792;

      5. Vlad Dalinski, Hana Senesh st. 57 flat 11, zip code: 33854,
      Haifa, Israel;

      6. Max Segal, Haprahim st. 11 flat 7, zip code: 34733, Haifa, Israel;

      Step 2:

      Take out the first name in the list from above, move the rest of the
      names up (that 6 becomes 5, 5 becomes 4 etc.), and add your name as
      number 6 in the list.

      Step 3:

      Look for all kinds of forums, communities, chats etc... There are
      like 500,000 various forums in the web.

      Step 4:

      Change what you need but make an effort to keep the article's as
      similar as possible to the original. Send your article to at least
      300 forums and discussion groups in the web. You need at least 300
      but remember that as more you send that more money you get. Send the
      letter in your internet messanger to as more people as you can (30
      minutes in a messanger like Icq and you can send 400 messages that
      are additionally to the forums and chats). Send the letter to all
      your friends as a suggestion to take part in the success.

      Instructions how you send the letter in the discussion groups in the

      Go to the document that you saved on your computer and change what
      you need by step 2. Remember, your name must be as number 6 in the
      list. Save the text as txt file (.doc or .txt etc.). You always need
      to have the text available for you to come back and work with it.
      Send the text as new message by marking the text, copy and paste as
      new message in the discussion group that you found. Write the
      subject of the message of the message, this will be the first thing
      that will be seen in every certain group or forum. Click "send" and
      you finished with the first group. Congratulations! All you need to
      do is to go from group to group and send over and over. When you
      will practice it will take you less 30 seconds to send every message
      to group. Remember! As more messages you send that more money you
      get! But you have to send to at least 300 forums and discussion
      groups. Now you'll start getting bills from all over the world in a
      few days!

      Please remember! the plan is staying successful because of the
      honesty and the integration of the people that are taking part in it
      and the attention to the exact instructions that were written here.
      Look at this this way: if you are a person of integration, the plan
      will go on and the money that too many people got will pass you too
      so if every letter will get an attention and the instructions are
      performed as they have to be - 6 people will get the proffit of 1$
      for their taking part in the development of the list. Your name will
      go up in the list in geometric way that way that when your name is
      coming to the number 1 position, you are already getting thousands
      of dollars!


      Maybe you'll want to rent a bigger mailbox for all the mail that you
      get. If you prefer to stay anonymous you can use another name as
      long as the postman is giving you the mail.

      If you are trying to cheat people by sending the messages with your
      name in the list without sending the money by mail - you almost will
      not get money at all! Somebody I talked with told me that he tried
      it this way but he got 85$ and only after 7-8 weeks! Than he sent 6
      $, people added him to their lists and after 4 weeks he got 20,000$ !

      Now we'll discuss why it's worthwhile to take part?

      From all the 300 messages that I sent, let's say that only 7 people
      (very little probability) will reply for my message. Than I do 7$
      with my name as number #6 in the list. Now every one of the 7 people
      that sent me the 1$ will send at least 300 messages, everyone with
      my name as number #5 and only 7 people will reply to their messages -
      this is another 49$ for me. Now those 49 people will send at least
      300 another messages with my name as number #4 and only 7 will
      reply - this is another 343$ for me. now 343 people will send at
      least 300 messages with my name as number #3 and everyone will get
      only 7 replies again - this are another 2,401$ for me. Ok, now this
      is the enjoy part, every one of those 2401 people sending 300
      messages with my name as number #2 and every one gets only 7
      replies. This is 16,807$ for me. Those people will send the message
      to 300 discuss groups with my name as number #1 and if still only 7
      people will reply to them I get 117,649$ with original investment of
      6 dollars and 6 stamps. Remember, "Honesty is the best method",
      especially here! You do not need to cheat the basical idea for
      making money! Good luck you all and please be honest and get the
      huge proffit for this! And this is "tons of money".

      Are you ready to take the responsibility and miss this great and
      simple business opportunity for "risk" of 6$ and 6 stamps? I don't!
      I hope you'll join me and we all will help to us all!

      This is genius idea! That maybe will a little bit change your life...
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