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Re: Omni Rig description file for Ten-Tec 516 Argonaut V

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  • Dave
    Hi. I don t know the Ten-Tec line at all, but there are 4 listed rigs so far in the rigs folder. Two Omni s , and Orion and a Paragon . You will need the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2010

      I don't know the Ten-Tec line at all, but there are 4 listed rigs so far
      in the rigs folder. Two "Omni's", and "Orion" and a "Paragon".

      You will need the full manual for your radio, and it's lists of all the
      remote commands it can use, then based on one of the other existing .ini
      files (the one most close to your radio's needs) it should be posible to
      create a new one, for your specific radio.

      In the first instance, if you have the manual and command list, then
      using an appropriate serial cable, and a terminal program (such as
      Hyperterm, or the much older Win3x "Terminal" program (still works well
      under XP!) You can check out how your radio's command structure works.

      Once you know the rig can be controled as you need, then you can move on
      to creating an Omni-Rig .ini file. I.e. Learn one thing at a time.

      No special tools are needed, "Notepad" will do as the editor, but it is
      worth downloading Alex's .ini "Rig Description Validator" that can check
      the file for trouble, before throwing Omni-Rig at it.

      http://www.dxatlas.com/OmniRig/ And scroll down....

      There is lots of info there, it's also well worth getting the.

      "OmniRig Tester's Guide"


      "Rig Description File Structure"

      All from that same page.

      Prepare to spend a lot of time getting used to it all. Nothing's
      particularly dificult, but a certain level of understanding is needed,
      and a lot of patience.

      I'd respectfully suggest, you look through one of the existing files,
      along with the "Rig Description File Structure" doc, and your radio's
      manual. In time, all will become obvious.

      To finally test out your new creation, try the demo "Omni-Rig Client",
      also on that same webpage.

      To "debug" things, you may want to see exactly what is going in/out your
      serial port, try:-

      There is a demo that will run for a short time before dying, but it is
      still usefull.

      Else, look at http://www.eterlogic.com/Products.VSPE.html That tool is
      100% free, and you can use it to monitor com port traffic flow by
      "splitting" a port, and hanging a terminal program on one side of the
      split. (It can also do a host of other useful things with com ports and

      There are no doubt many other similar tools.

      Stick with it, and when you get it working, the "grin" factor is
      enormous, plus if you post the fruits of your work for others to share,
      you can rightly say "I did that" and feel truly smug with yourself.


      Dave G0WBX
      (the fruits of my labours)
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