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Re: CW Skimmer - Omni-Rig support for Ten-Tec 538 Jupiter

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  • Dave
    /Quote Re: CW Skimmer - Omni-Rig support for Ten-Tec 538 Jupiter Posted by: Mike Fri Nov 19, 2010 5:02 pm (PST) Well, I have begun to develop a .INI file for
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      Re: CW Skimmer - Omni-Rig support for Ten-Tec 538 Jupiter
      Posted by: "Mike"
      Fri Nov 19, 2010 5:02 pm (PST)

      Well, I have begun to develop a .INI file for the TenTec Jupiter= . I am
      running into a little problem. I use NotePad to develop the .INI file for
      the Jupiter, save it a= nd confirm it is indeed a .INI file and then copy
      it to the Rig sub-directory. I make sure = permissions and access is the
      same for this file as all the other.INI files. I see al the = files in
      the subdirectory but when I use Client.exe or omnirig they do not see the
      .ini file in the = rig options. Also when I run omnirigsetup it stops
      working with a windows message to that effect.= Then it ends...

      I hope all this makes sense to someone... It took some doing to = get
      this far... If I pick TenTec Omni VII.ini I can start Client.exe and
      everything seems to work ex= cept split on and split off but when I start
      cwskimmer I get and error at address 00000000 a= nd when I start the
      capture of audio from the radio I get infinite error messages


      Mike NT5DX

      Hi Mike.

      I've done a .ini file for one or two odd things I have, and didn= 't have
      that sort of problem

      What version Windows are you using? If Vista or 7, try rel= ocating (as
      in uninstalling/re-installing) OmniRig to a folder that is not= related
      to the "Program Files" structure. You'll have to do it that way, not
      just moving it's folder, so the OS can make al= l the correct registry
      and linking details for Skimmer (and others) to use.

      Make sure Notepad hasn't screwed up and made your file name some= thing
      like radio.ini.txt You may have to change your Windows Explorer "view"
      settings to = check that, but that's not dificult. If so, rename it
      accordingly. (Windows trying to hid= e details from us again)

      Were you logged in as the same user that will use Skimmer, when = you
      created the .ini file?

      Also make sure you have all the file sections OmniRig expects to= find in
      the .ini file, even the ones you don't use, need to be there, but with
      dummy or empty action s= ections.

      For example...
      ;not supported

      Chances are, you have one of the readback settings not specified= quite
      right, so OmniRig is choking on something it's not expecting from the
      radio. It's a= nice feature, but it's a pity that can't be bypassed or
      turned off, as not all rig's support readback of all = their settings for
      all parameters. (The Icom PC-R1000 for example.)

      Did you try running the OmniRig "Rig Description Validator&= quot;? It
      can be a great help!
      That comes from Alex too, on his page at:-
      http://www.dxatlas.com/OmniRig/ Scroll down to the &= quot;Tools"

      Make sure that Skimmer is using the particular incarnation of Om= niRig
      you think it is! There are instances about, where a newly installed
      program that uses OmniR= ig, install's it's own copy irrespective of what
      may exist already.

      Note too, that Vista and 7 has a totally different audio system =
      software structure to XP and earlier, and many HAM programs have trouble
      with that, unless you tell the= m to use an external USB soundcard for
      example. Rocky suffer's this with a= vengance, I don't use Skimmer, and
      I've not tried Faros on Vista.

      Hope something here helps.


      Dave G0WBX.
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