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Re: [dxatlas] CW Skimmer/Band Master/DX Atlas problem

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  • Bruce Tanner
    Mike, I have the same issue with DXAtlas . I have an odd call for the eighth area, 2 instead of 8. When I place my Home location on the map all is well,
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 23, 2010
      Mike, I have the same issue with 'DXAtlas'. I have an odd call for the
      eighth area, 2 instead of 8. When I place my 'Home location' on the map
      all is well, however, I have found that spotter paths end up placing me
      in the center of New York State (2 area). It drives the rotators nuts!

      I am assuming that somewhere within the program there is a default that
      picks up call area number and will place you there for the path
      determination rather than to use your actual location at the time. I
      have seen this occur when traveling out of both my current location
      (Michigan) as well as being way away from New York State as well.

      I have learned to live with it... but as I say... it drivers the
      rotators of others, Nuts!


      On 9/23/2010 12:45 PM, Mike wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I've been using CW Skimmer, Band Master and DX Atlas together and am
      > seeing a weird little problem.
      > The spotter/spot paths shown on DX Atlas all radiate from a single
      > location marked KE5AKL, but it's not my home location here in
      > Albuquerque, NM. Instead it's somewhere in the middle of Texas. Which
      > is insulting... :-)
      > Seriously, though, as far as I can see everything having to do with my
      > location is correct in all 3 program. The DX Atlas home location is
      > correct and gives the correct grid square and coordinates for
      > Albuquerque. The grid square in skimmer settings is correct. And the
      > operator info in Band Master settings is correct.
      > Anyone got an idea of what might be going on?
      > Is the middle of Texas maybe the official location for all W5
      > spotters? It is at just about the center of geographical mass for 5 land.
      > 73,
      > Mike - ke5akl
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