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RE: [dxatlas] Digest Number 719 [Faros & Win7(64bit)]

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  • Dave Baxter
    Hi. I have no experience of Win7 (yet) but from other lists, I suspect you re on a hiding to nothing trying to get Faros to work on Win7(64) Since Vista, MS
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2010

      I have no experience of Win7 (yet) but from other lists, I suspect
      you're on a "hiding to nothing" trying to get Faros to work on Win7(64)

      Since Vista, MS introduced a different protocol as to how Windows "does"
      the sound system, and it broke a lot of things that need fine detailed
      control of that hardware.

      You may get it to work with the 32 bit version of Win7, or even in (I
      guess your version has it) the VM based XP environment Win7 Pro has.
      Mind you, again I suspect the problem will be the sound system.

      Faros as Alex explained to me sometime back, needs much more than just
      simple audio data streaming from the sound subsystem, it also needs to
      positivily match the incoming data with time, to mS or better

      I suspect you'll be better off dedicating the old XP (or even Win2000)
      machine for Faros only use.

      With a bit of careful configuration, and maybe a little third party
      software, you should be able to run that quietly in a corner of the
      shack with it's own RX (perhaps a softrock or similar?) and still get
      access to the result charts, while it being secure and invisible to
      anything that is not directly aware of it. Especialy if it's a machine
      that will happily startup and boot without a mouse or keyboard! (Most
      relitively modern PC's can be setup to do that) I have two such older
      machines in my shack that are doing that very thing. Faros is a great
      tool, best left running 24/7, so you can build up a detailed
      understanding of what can be expected to be about, and when.

      Shout at me off list if interested in that solution. Else, wait for
      Alex to respond.


      DaveB G0WBX(G8KBV)



      Faros and windows 7
      Posted by: "Adam" wd4ddu@...

      Sun May 9, 2010 7:09 am (PDT)

      Good morning,

      I am having some trouble getting faros 1.3 to work with a new computer.
      The pc is a dell xps (64 bit-i7). I can't get the program to control the
      rig nor can i get the settings to recognize the onboard audio "card" The
      program worked great with the old xp machine.

      Rig control is through the USB-serial converter in a rigblaster duo.

      I have been able to get the rig control and audio/ptt to work very well
      with both dx4win and writelog/mtty.

      Any assistance is appreciated.


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