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RE: [dxatlas] TS-870 vs OmniRig

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  • Dave Baxter
    Hi Eike... I use OmniRig with Faros, and a TS-870S, and had no problems for over a year, I m now using an old Icom IC-R70 RX for Faros (that was a project all
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 20, 2009
      Hi Eike...

      I use OmniRig with Faros, and a TS-870S, and had no problems for over a
      year, I'm now using an old Icom IC-R70 RX for Faros (that was a project
      all of it's own) so the TS-870s is now used for general shack use.

      I run the radio at 9600,N,8,1 I also have had to make a custom serial
      cable to connect to the PC. The details were found in the Kenwood
      manual, so no secrets.

      I also have it connected to one PC, and old Toshiba laptop, and have the
      serial port of that machine redirected over the shack network, to other
      PC's that have the controling software on (OmniRig and the application)
      All the serial port <> network stuff, is done with the Eterlogic VSPE
      tool. (Another Free tool, and very good!)

      I have used all this to great effect, for developing a "glue" program to
      control my Yaesu FC1000, that in essance takes the radio's frequency,
      and selects a pre-learnt ATU setting as needed.

      The prototype program, runs on the machine I use for development, while
      all the hardware is connected to the old Tosh laptop, that will
      ultimately do it all "local" to the radio/ATU. (The ATU is controled
      via the LPT port)

      I have other problems getting all this working, but OmniRig reading the
      radio's frequency is not one of them!

      Try checking your serial cable has all the correct wires in the
      appropriate places, and the polling times are OK. Start with a long
      period, 2000ms Poll Interval, 4000ms Timeout. Make sure too, that
      there is not a program trying to set the 870's frequency all the time.

      I found that running the radio's serial port faster than the "standard"
      4800bd, is a great help, but too fast, and HRD wont work reliably. 9600
      seems to suit everything at the moment.

      Other than that, I can't think of anything else right now.

      If you want/need, let me know, and I'll figure out what I did with the
      all important serial cable. All I can tell you at the moment, is it's a
      9 pin to 9 pin cable, but not standard PC type wiring.

      Let me know...

      Hmm.. HB9MTN website. Interesting!


      Dave G0WBX
      IO 92 ma

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      3b. TS-870 vs OmniRig
      Posted by: "Eike, DM3ML" dm3ml@... eikebs
      Date: Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:21 am ((PST))

      I have been asked by Manfred, DL1DWL, to put this entry in the forum :
      Manfred tries to use a program from HB9MTN to control a magnetic loop by
      the frequency reading of his TS-870. The loop pogram uses OmniRig to
      read the CAT of transceivers. Everything (TX/RX switching, VFO A/B, mode
      control) works, only the frequency readout does'nt work. He tested the
      data exchange with client.exe. The status field jumps between 'online'
      and 'Rig is not responding'. He used the right settings 4800 Baud and
      8N2 with different polling times. With other CAT programs the control
      works as expected.
      Any advice for Manfred ??
      Thanks in advance an 73 de Eike, DM3ML
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