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Re: Hamcap crashes

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  • Dave Baxter
    Hi.. Though with all the latest updates etc (a whole host of them Yesterday!) XP is beginning to get silly with what it wants to run in the background by
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 11, 2008

      Though with all the latest updates etc (a whole host of them Yesterday!)
      XP is beginning to get silly with what it wants to run in the background
      by default (though there is a load of stuff most people can safely
      disable, checkout www.blackviper.com and his "Windows Services"
      information. Very useful if you're tight on RAM) I'd suspect that
      having just 256Meg of RAM is not the cause of the error in this case, as
      Windows will use the swapfile instead, that is what slows things down a

      More like, one of the configuration files is corrupt or missing? From
      memory, Ham Cap relies on another HF propagation prediction program
      (VOACAP I think) being installed so it can use it's libraries and data.

      You should have (comparing with a machine here with it) a folder
      C:\itshfbc and a whole load of sub folders. If not, that's your

      Looking in it's readme.txt file, there is this snippet of text...

      The software is available FREE via the internet at:

      Look for HFWIN32 and Versions and you will see files such as:
      That identifies the year, month, day created.

      Place this file in a temporary directory and install it by
      executing it.

      If you've not got that, you will need it. Even if you have it, it could
      be worth updating it, if nothing else, any missing or corrupt files will
      be restored.

      Lastly, try removing and reinstalling Ham Cap.

      You might also want to think about doing a full AV sweep, just in case
      "something got in" you don't know about. But with only 256MEG to play
      with, that could take some time!.

      As to the comments about upgrading your memory in the PC, I can
      thoroughly recommend it, go for 1G at least, or whatever your PC can
      support, you wont regret it!

      There are also web based tools that will identify what you have, what
      you could have, and present you with a list of part numbers and prices.
      One I know and trust is at www.crucial.com (It uses an ActivX tool to do
      all that, so when you get the ActivX warning, let it install and run!
      You can always remove it later.)

      XP does need "wide open spaces of" of RAM in which to work well, as does
      Win2k for that matter. Also, if you use that PC on the web, get it
      fully up to date with all the service packs and security updates etc.
      They are free, unless you have a "hooky" install of Windows!

      If you're running an original install of XP, and have not updated past
      SP1 for example, and you go on the web with it without a firewall or
      router for protection, you could have something nasty resident too.
      That could cause anything to happen at odd times.

      I have to say though, that with SP3 and the latest round of updates, the
      memory footprint of a "standard" XP install, is getting silly, to the
      extent that it'd really struggle to boot even on 256 MEG of RAM, unless
      you hog tie any "unnecessary" services.

      Hope something here helps.


      Dave G0WBX.

      --- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, "obrienaj" <obrienaj@...> wrote:
      You are really pushing the limits running XP with just 256Megs of
      ram. As ram is so cheap try upgrading to 1 Gig, not only should hamcap
      be able to run then but your computer speed should increase
      considerably. Hamcap does a lot of calculations so needs plenty of ram

      > I am new to Dx Atlas, I really liked it when In tried it yesterday so
      > I decided to try Ham Cap today. I followed the instructions for the
      > installation but get a crash after I load the program. I can get it
      > up and running but it crashes after I change my settings and then
      > click on DX Atlas for the map.
      > My PC runs XP Home Edition with 256 Megs of RAM and a 2.60 Celeron
      > CPU. One error is an "access violation at address 00477728 in module
      > hamcap.exe . Read of access OODFBC8 "
      > Also
      > AppName: hamcap.exe AppVer: ModName:
      > kernel32.dll
      > ModVer: 5.1.2600.1106 Offset: 00013887
      > Any suggestions?
      > Andy K3UK
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