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RE: [dxatlas] New ideas on FAROS

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  • Dave Baxter
    Another new(?) idea... Question: In a future release of Faros, could it be possible to allow time synchronisation from an attached GPS receiver, one that
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 10, 2008
      Another new(?) idea...

      In a future release of Faros, could it be possible to allow time
      synchronisation from an attached GPS receiver, one that provides a 1PPS
      signal as well as the NMEA sentences, much as the beacon's do
      themselves? I guess you'd have to use a "Real" com port, and one of
      the handshake lines configured to cause an interrupt, and all the fun
      and games that entails within Windows... I do realise it'd not be a
      trivial thing to do.

      Anyway, I ask because......

      I have recently been seeing problems I think caused by the NTP servers
      my ISP provides, resulting in Faros's timing to drift significantly
      causing all beacon reception reports to sometimes show an "Unknown"
      path. (This is independent to the continuing VE8AT trouble...)

      I've asked questions to my ISP about it, but so far, no reply (not
      holding my breath on this)...

      That would also allow us to use Faros when out portable too. Currently
      there are some problems doing that with a mobile internet connection.
      Not all mobile providers will let the NTP protocol work, I suspect they
      block the ports or something. Even when it does work, the timing
      "quality" is very poor, with many 10's or 100's of mS apparent jitter,
      as seen in the clock accuracy plot. Lastly, the cost to run a mobile
      internet link in the UK is not insignificant sadly. But the biggest
      problem is the availability of a good quality reliable NTP server link
      via that method.

      Or... Does anyone know of an affordable GPS based NTP server program or
      whatever, even if it means dedicated hardware with Linux on or

      There are lots of things on the web that look like they could do the job
      (Google for "FreeBSD NTP GPS" for example) but none of them are exactly
      documented well enough for anyone to reliably duplicate, interesting
      though they are. There always seem to be at least one "dead link" to
      needed information. Oh well.....

      Other than the above troubles, Faros is working well at my QTH. Thanks

      Cheers All..

      Dave G0WBX.

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      > 1. New ideas on FAROS
      > Posted by: "dk1vi" dk1vi@... dk1vi
      > Date: Tue Sep 9, 2008 5:39 am ((PDT))
      > Hello,
      > though not being a "shortwave ham", I am currently trying out
      > FAROS giving me good insight into sw propagation. However I
      > find a feature
      > missing: there is no indication if a beacon is reported to be
      > "off the air". There is a program VOAprop
      > (http://www.g4ilo.com/voaprop.html)
      > that gives just this information after retrieving it,
      > probably somewhere from NCDXF webpage.
      > With this info background of the beacons callsign in FAROS
      > could be changed to red if the beacon is off the air. So you
      > dont' get a false information that propagation into beacons
      > direction is not possible but in reality beacon is just off.
      > Maybe Alex finds some time to implement this.
      > Regards
      > Ernst, DK1VI
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