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976IonoProbe and Internet Proxy

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  • N6KK
    Jul 31, 2008
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      I'm using IonoProbe 1.36 behind an Internet proxy that requires
      authentication (user name and password). I have two computers running
      XP Pro (both with all updates) and IE 7 (latest version). On one
      computer IonoProbe is very happy grabbing the proxy settings from IE
      and updates regularly. The other (set up identically as far as I can
      tell) will not update at all. With either manual or automatic
      updates, a red X in the lower right hand corner of the IonoProbe is
      displayed almost immediately. Other programs on the same computer
      that are configured to use the IE proxy settings (such as DX Monitor)
      work very well.

      Does anyone have an idea what to check for at this point? There are
      hardware differences (one is a laptop and the other is an older HP
      desktop), but the software (excluding hardware drivers of course)
      should be the same. But there could be some subtle configuration
      somewhere that I haven't found (or is inaccessible).

      Thanks for any help tracking this down. It's driving me nuts!

      joe n6kk