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975CW Skimmer with SDR-IQ - IF

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  • N6KK
    Jul 31, 2008
      I have a K3 with an SDR-IQ connected to the IF output. With this
      configuration, CW Skimmer needs to be set near the IF frequency (8.215
      MHz), which makes figuring out what the actual frequency of the
      displayed signals are somewhat difficult. Would it be possible to add
      an option that is similar to the the Softrock-IF, which uses
      OnmiRig/CAT to determine where the radio is tuned and display that
      frequency in CW Skimmer? An SDR-IQ-IF function in effect. With a
      configurable IF in the CW Skimmer setup, the SDR-IQ could be used with
      rigs other than the K3 as well. Seems like it would be pretty easy
      since the functionality is already there for the Softrock-IF (says the
      guy who doesn't have to do the work :-) ).

      I thought about connecting the SDR-IQ to the Aux RX connector, but a)
      it won't cover 50 MHz, b) I'm already using Aux RX for something else
      and c) CW Skimmer and the K3 won't be sharing tuning information.

      Thanks for a great program Alex!

      joe n6kk