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967RE: Eterlogic Serial Port server & HW Group Virtual Serial Port with Faros/OmniRig.

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  • Dave Baxter
    Jul 24, 2008

      For Information.

      After a PC overheating problem..... (Fan failure)

      I have now got Faros running on a faster PC on one side of the shack,
      with the radio on the other side of the room, with all serial comm's now
      going via the LAN with the help of an old laptop and the Eterlogic tool
      working as a server by the radio. (Faros won't run on that machine, due
      to soundcard or CPU speed issues of some sort)

      The faster machine with Faros on, is not physicaly able to be put near
      the radio (it's too big) hence this setup. At the moment, I'm using one
      of the HW Group's Virtual Serial Port tools to communincate with the
      Eterlogic server, that it does just fine, and presents a Virtual Serial
      port (COM5) to the system in one hit.

      Unfortunately, I still have to run an audio cable round the room, and
      that introduces mains hum etc as I don't have an audio isolator as yet..

      However, with a real audio cable it's a working system, while I get time
      to repair the original Faros PC that overheated when a fan failed, after
      a scheduled Off time.

      The down side of all this, is I can't use my EchoLink proxy, so I need
      to use someone else's if I want to use e-Link from work during lunch
      time. It seems the extra network traffic, upsets Faros's NTP access
      routines, if both systems run on the same machine. (Win2k, P4/1.8G,
      1.5G Ram) Not a show stopper.... The same NTP symptoms show, when you
      access that machine over a VPN with VNC I find too. Not entirely
      unexpectedly I suspect...

      Regars to All...

      Dave G0WBX.
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