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959Re: Eterlogic Serial Port Splitter - hang on exit problem solved

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  • rt_tclay
    Jul 19, 2008
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      --- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, "Barry GM3YEH" <bjbe@...> wrote:
      > The N1MM hang on exit problem when using the Eterlogic VSPE tool is
      > solved. Following discussions with their technical support
      > (extremely good incidentally) it turns out to have been caused by
      > using a wrong setup of the VSPE tool. The way to do it correctly
      > to create one 'splitter' in VSPE which is connected to your real
      > RS232 COM port(COM1 in my case) and a single virtual COM port
      > in my case). Connect your CAT cable to the real COM port as
      > normal. Point N1MM AND CW Skimmer at the same single virtual COM
      > port. Both applications then read/write from/to the CAT and close
      > cleanly. The error I had made was to create 2 'splitters' in VSPE
      > (one for each application) when only 1 was needed.
      > 73 de Barry GM3YEH.

      I think it was a bug. That is the way I always set it up, and I still
      had N1MM (and other aps) hanging on exit.

      However, there is a new version of the Eterlogic tool out (7/15/08).
      With the new version I don't get the hangs.

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