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933Re: [dxatlas] Eterlogic Serial Port Splitter - Correction

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  • Dave Baxter
    Jul 9, 2008
      Err... Lets send this to the correct address this time! ;-)


      What did I say some time back, about trying to share ONE hardware device
      between TWO software packages with a port splitter/sharer etc? It can
      lead to trouble.

      Use OmniRig as the "splitter", then, only one piece of software
      (OmniRig) will talk to the radio, it will supply the latest information
      to the other app's when requested, acting as a buffer if you like,
      between the app's and the radio. (Of course, that needs both programs
      to be able to use OmniRig.)

      But.. If both packages are trying to "Control" (command) the radio, it
      could still lead to problems.

      N1MM Logger not being able to close, if Skimmer has closed first, is
      probably another symptom of serial port data colic, caused by using a
      "dumb" splitter such as the Eterlogic system...

      ("Dumb" as in no smart way to manage the data flow without collision or
      corruption, or any way to prevent "program 2" from using the "Device"
      until "program 1" has finished with it.)

      Don't get me wrong. The Eterlogic program is very good, and a most
      excellent tool for what it does.
      (It can also make a serial port on one PC, available to another PC via
      the 'net. Good for remoting)

      But with RS232 devices, you are just asking for trouble, sharing one
      device (the radio) between two programs, that expect they are the only
      programs controlling the one device they know about.

      The Radio on the other hand, is only doing the best it can with what
      it's told, by the One host (the PC) it is connected to. But in truth,
      it's TWO "Hosts".

      Do you see where the likely confusion comes in?

      Before someone says... GPS's are a different case. Most of the traffic
      is FROM the one device, to many programs. There is little (if any)
      traffic the other way most of the time.

      Radio control however, there is TWO WAY serial port traffic, with two
      programs trying that, for different reasons, you can imagine what
      happens if both try to control the ONE radio at the same time.

      Best Regards etc, take care....


      Dave G0WBX.

      > __________
      > 2a. Eterlogic Serial Port Splitter - Correction
      > Posted by: "Pete Smith" n4zr@... n4zr
      > Date: Tue Jul 8, 2008 3:55 am ((PDT))
      > Looks like I spoke too soon in endorsing the Eterlogic virtual serial
      > port emulator. I have done some further tests and for some reason am
      > now getting very flakey frequency data passed to CW Skimmer when
      > sharing between Skimmer and N1MM Logger. Even without tuning either
      > radio, the frequency passed to Skimmer switches every couple of
      > seconds from the correct radio frequency to two totally off-the-wall
      > numbers - clearly bad data being received by Skimmer. I don't know
      > why I didn't see this before, but it will be a show-stopper unless
      > there is some cure. I've also discovered that MM won't close when
      > Skimmer is closed first, while using the VSPE - annoying but not
      > fatal, like the other thing.
      > oh well.....
      > 73, Pete N4ZR
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