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914Re: Serial port splitter with MK2R+

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  • Barry GM3YEH
    Jul 5 1:07 PM
      I can confirm Pete's findings. Identical conclusions here with
      IC751A - so if you need this kind of setup then this method is worth
      a try. I've been using the Eterlogic utility for about a month for
      DX and contest work. It has been completely stable.
      Barry GM3YEH.

      --- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, Pete Smith <n4zr@...> wrote:
      > I thought readers of this group might be interested in my
      experience with
      > the free Virtual Serial Port Emulator by www.eterlogic.com . As
      > experiment yesterday, I downloaded it and used it to connect N1MM
      > and CW Skimmer (using OmniRig) to my FT-1000MP Mk5 through the
      > MK2R+. You set up a special multi-user virtual serial port in the
      > emulator, tell both programs to connect to it, and tell the
      emulator to
      > connect to the relevant radio port on the MK2R+.
      > Using this port splitter, I was able to command the Mk5 to a
      frequency from
      > either Skimmer or N1MM. with Skimmer in either 3-KHz or SR-IF
      mode. Both
      > programs properly tracked frequency changes from the transceiver.
      > my test period(approximately an hour), both application programs
      > to run without incident. Setup was simple and reasonably
      intuitive, though
      > the idea of telling both programs to connect to the same virtual
      > port seemed like a sure loser at first
      > I have no idea how the emulator does its job, particularly two-
      way - it
      > seems to know which query came from which program, and routes the
      > appropriately. Both of these programs poll for radio status, so
      there are
      > a lot of queries and responses going back and forth, not in
      sync. Some
      > have speculated that the very low data rate of the Mk5 might be
      > responsible, and that some faster radios might not work so
      nicely. It's
      > also certainly possible that different application programs might
      > different results. Nevertheless....
      > 73, Pete N4ZR
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