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891Re: Omni rig feature request

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  • Dave Baxter
    Jul 3, 2008
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      Take care, with multiple programs (even just two) trying to use the same
      hardware device, you could still get a "confused" device, if certain
      commands and parameters get mixed in time.

      You should idealy get the logging program to talk to OmniRig, and let
      that sort out the digital confusion that could occur, that's what it's

      Re: http://www.eterlogic.com/Products.VSPE.html
      Nice looking, downloaded for evaluation, looks like it might even do

      Look also for N8VB's "Virtual Null Modem" drivers, free for ham use,
      that allows you to create any number of linked pairs of "com" ports, so
      different programs can communicate with each other, "the old way" with
      serial ports. Good for debugging things.

      I've used it to get OmniRig, to talk to an older Icom radio, that uses a
      4 bit parallel IO. All the Icom IO stuff was done in a custom program I
      threw together (still very much WIP) while taking orders from OmniRig
      via one of N8VB's virtual null modem links. It works, but I'm still
      "engineering" the parallel IO part.

      It's also "Very" good, to have a Terminal program on one end, and
      OmniRig on the other, when modifying the rig driver files, so you can
      see exactly what goes out to the radio, as the radio would see it. (It
      you're quick, or use the old Win16 "Terminal.exe" program, and have the
      "buttons" programmed up, you can even send data back to OmniRig!)

      If you google for N8VB, you should find the driver install download.

      FYI. For those interested, I found that INPOUT32.DLL is excellent
      (google for it) at letting you use a printer port for example (or any
      other IO card) for general purpose IO, in a NT based system. (Win2k and
      XP, I don't have Vista) with no blue screen problems. The only problem
      I'm having, is the Icom is very slow to react, and often needs two
      attempts when a band change is involved. That's every time with Faros
      of course, sometimes missing a beacon. Still, it sometimes fills the
      gap when the Kenwood radio is used for something else.

      Cheers All..

      Dave G0WBX/G8KBV

      My Faros status site at: http://g8kbv.homeip.net:8008/ I still think
      it's neat we can do all this stuff. Many thanks to Alex of course.
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