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877Re: [dxatlas] Re: Omni rig feature request

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  • Neal Campbell
    Jul 2, 2008
      Hi Pete

      There is no issue with having two programs connected to a single
      radio. Those of us that use Flex5000s are pretty used to it all the
      time. The requirements are twofold:
      1. some form a port sharing software
      2. two well-behaved program.

      On point #1, there are some commercial port splitters (Eltima sells
      one) and a couple of free-ware ones. I have a very early prototype
      called virtuallY that needs some work but if you can configure it, it
      will allow this. It and some preliminary documentation are on my web
      site. I plan to re-write it in the future to make the configuration
      more intelligent and eliminate the need for other virtual comport
      software in the future. In the PowerSDR work, there is a program
      called DDUtil that intelligently allows a four-port split.

      Point #2 is the real issue. If you have programs that do constant
      updating of the radio parameters, then you are in trouble. Running two
      different copies of something like HRD might be an issue, although I
      never tried it. But in reality its not such a big deal. All programs
      allow the user to use the radio manually so they are prepared to see
      changes occur outside of their control. But if you have a program that
      sets something and expects it always to remain at that setting, it
      will misbehave.

      In reality, most programs poll radios for status most of the time and
      send very few "setting commands" (a la the steppir controller).

      Neal k3nc

      On Wed, Jul 2, 2008 at 7:20 AM, Pete Smith <n4zr@...> wrote:
      > Hi Tor - I'm writing an article on implementing Skimmer for NCJ, and one of
      > the big imponderables is the situation where both Skimmer and your logging
      > program need to have access to the radio's frequency information. Also,
      > ideally, both programs should have independent ability to command the radio
      > to move to a different frequency. People who know a lot more than me think
      > that can't work. What has been your experience?
      > 73, Pete N4ZR
      > At 11:12 PM 7/1/2008, rt_tclay wrote:
      >>--- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, "n5kd" <g4dvp@...> wrote:
      >> >
      >> > Is there any chance of adding a virtual com port (or ports) into Omni-
      >> > rig sometime? I'm sure many of us are using programs like the
      >> > logger that work fine on there own, but will not run together with CW
      >> > skimmer. I really don't want to change logging programs, but I love
      >> > features of Skimmer.
      >> >
      >>Here's a free virtual port program. I'm using it with skimmer and
      >>various logging programs so both can connect to the radio:
      >>Yahoo! Groups Links

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