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842Re: [dxatlas] Does Voice Shaper run on Vista?

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  • Bruce Tanner
    Jun 2, 2008
      Mike, I don't have the answer to your Q but wanted you to know you are
      getting out. I don't use Vista nor have I tried Voice Shaper. I suspect
      Alex will have an answer to your Q when he gets a chance to respond. I
      have always had good luck with his products and he is usually quite
      prompt with a response on here. Best of luck with the new combo...

      Bruce, K2BET (MICH)

      kiscomd wrote:
      > Anyone?
      > ..............
      > Program installs OK, but sound card selection boxes are blank. Vista
      > problem or something I did (didn't do)?
      > Thanks,
      > Mike
      > K2CBI
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