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836[dxatlas] Re: hamcap problem

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  • nimcf
    May 29, 2008
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      I have just joined the group as I am having the same problem - my Ham
      Cap wont go past Dec 2007.

      I have tried the usual things - reistalled Ham Cap, reinstalled the
      SSN.dat file, looked in it to check it has post Dec 2007 dates, also
      tried reinstalling SNN.dat after editing out the pre Jan 2008 lines.
      It still wont go past Dec 2007.

      1. after editing out the pre Jan 2008 lines and reinstalling SSN.dat,
      Ham Cap still showed the months before that date - where did it get
      them from?
      2. After manually deleting and reinstalling Ham Cap, Hamcap still had
      my home coordinates - also, where did it get them from?

      I am running Vista on a laptop.

      Any help much appreciated as this is a great program/suite and I am
      keen to keep using it.

      Nigel McFetridge G8FIE

      In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, RAYMOND BOLT <mi0ruc@...> wrote:
      > Hi Eric
      > The undernoted steps worked for me first time. I presume
      the file that was downloaded was the correct file??
      > 73
      > Raymond MI0RUC
      > Eric - VE3GSI <ve3gsi@...> wrote:
      > Should work!
      > Please double check your steps:
      > - Exit it Hamcap
      > - Unzip and copy the new SSN.zip to your Hamcap folder
      > (hint, you will be asked if you want to replace the file)
      > - Restart Hamcap
      > The above steps worked just fine for me.
      > Eric - VE3GSI
      > >
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