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82Spots don't show

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  • py2yp@py2yp.ws
    Sep 8, 2004
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      Hello All,

      I've just installed DXLabILG and DXBandMap. I'm having some trouble:

      1. The DXLabILG is supposed to show the great circle between my QTH and the
      selected broadcast, but nothing appear in the DXATLAS window.

      2. The DXBandMap is supposed to show the most recently spots at the DXATLAS
      window, however the spots don't show up. This application needs the Writelog
      running, which is.

      I re-installed the DXTLAS to the default directory but didn't help nothing
      at all.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

      73 DX de PY2YP - Cesar