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815Re: [dxatlas] Skimmer on VHF/UHF

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  • David Ackrill
    Apr 29 8:08 AM
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      Thinking ahead a little...

      Is there a way to use the SDR-IQ/14 as a transverter IF, but have the
      Skimmer log the spots on a different frequency?

      For instance, in Europe the 4M band (70MHz) is becoming available in
      more countries to Amateurs but many/most commercial radios don't cover
      the band. Or, even if they do the resultant signals and receivers are
      poor. Therefore, many people use a transverter for that band.

      Similarly, on the higher microwave bands it's not uncommon to use
      transverters from bands such as 10m/2m or even 70cm.

      Dave (G0DJA)
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