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802Decoding performance

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  • Pete Smith
    Apr 24 2:45 PM
      At 05:19 PM 4/23/2008, bill_w4zv wrote:
      >I then tried the CQWW file below and got the following results, with
      >CPU utilization hitting 100% at times in all cases:
      >33 calls, 7009.0>7020.10, everything running on computer.
      >33 calls, same QRG range, Internet connection and browser off.
      >40 calls, 7007.0>7021.9, AVG anti-virus off.
      >58 calls, 7002.0>7024.6, Skimmer display minimized.
      >I could probably do a little better by shutting down more background
      >processes but I'm curious what someone with a 2-3 GHz CPU gets when
      >running the same CQWW file above?

      Your wish is my command, sir ;^)

      With a 2.2 GHz Celeron, 768 MB DDR RAM (a VERY basic Dell 2400, four years
      old, With XP home SP2) I got the following results off the same file.

      Note that when playing back recordings the sound card is not involved;
      Skimmer is processing the I/Q file directly, so settings like playback
      sampling rate have no effect:

      Decoders Other variables Calls Decoded CPU peak

      Adaptive Not minimized 156 96%
      250 "" 131 75%
      300 "" 152 81%
      350 "" 154 86%
      400 "" 153 100%
      Adaptive Telnet server off 154 100%
      Adaptive Skimmer minimized 154 ?

      Interesting, no? I would have to other programs minimized or in the
      background do not affect decoding performance; one of the critical
      questions I hope to answer in coming months is whether the reverse is true,
      since we're talking about using Skimmer to feed spots to a contest logging
      program, which has to be able to respond quickly, send CW, etc. My
      personal tests with N1MM logger, using a Winkey for CW, have been very
      encouraging; I suspect that MM simply takes precedence when it needs to,
      and that the Winkey avoids any issues with making good CW.

      73, Pete N4ZR
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