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799[dxatlas] Re: CW Skimmer 1.1 doesn't allow for transceivers with more than 3 KHz

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  • bill_w4zv
    Apr 23, 2008
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      Hi Pete,

      > Bill is running into a different thing, I believe. Bill, if you use
      > SoftRock-IF radio choice, how much bandwidth do you see?

      I'm only seeing 3 kHz on the display but I think it may be capturing
      signals further away...the bands are so poor I'm having trouble
      finding enough signals strong enough to test! I'm sampling at 48 kHz
      since I'm running an underpowered CPU (1.1GHz P3 + 1GB RAM > Delta 44
      > LP-PAN > K3). As I said before I'm a little disappointed with
      Skimmer's ability to decode weak signals so far but I may not have
      everything set up correctly. I can plainly hear some Q5 signals that
      Skimmer seems to have difficulty decoding.

      > What about if you
      > use the basic SoftRock position, using the LO frequency to define the
      > center of the display range.

      I haven't tried that yet...it may be beyond my beginner's skills at
      this stage. The K3's IF out is 8.215 kHz, so should I set something
      like 8239 (8215+24)? That seems to be what the "Softrock-IF"
      documentation says but I haven't read everything carefully enough to
      even ask an intelligent question! I don't think Alex has yet
      documented the Skimmer's setup for using the K3's wideband IF out.

      It does seem to work very nicely with OmniRig in Softrock-IF mode but
      I'm just not seeing the wideband display.

      73, Bill
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