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798Re: [dxatlas] Re: CW Skimmer 1.1 doesn't allow for transceivers with more than 3 KHz bandwidth

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  • Pete Smith
    Apr 22, 2008
      I think this is two different issues. Jerry is talking about the 3 KHz
      radio mode, which uses a soundcard to decode the audio from the receiver.

      Bill is running into a different thing, I believe. Bill, if you use the
      SoftRock-IF radio choice, how much bandwidth do you see? What about if you
      use the basic SoftRock position, using the LO frequency to define the
      center of the display range.

      73, Pete N4ZR

      At 07:04 AM 4/22/2008, bill_w4zv wrote:
      >--- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, "jeraldvolpe" <techmail@...> wrote:
      > > I just installed version 1.1 over my version 1.0. I appreciate the
      > > changes but I am disappointed that you are still limiting standard
      > > transceivers to a 3 kHz maximum skim! I wrote several times regarding
      > > those of us with transceivers that can open up beyond 3kHz. I am one
      > > of several thousand Ten-Tec Orion and Orion II owners (a transceiver
      > > that is heavily used in contests and serous DXing) and we are able to
      > > open up our receivers to 8 kHz in the CW mode... especially our second
      > > receiver which doesn't share the roofing filters of the main receiver.
      >Same here. I'm using a beta version of N8LP's LP-PAN which provides
      >I-Q detection for the Elecraft K3's wideband buffered output. It
      >seems my Skimmer is also limited to 3 kHz. Are you working on an
      >interface to LP-PAN that will be friendlier than using Softrock mode?
      >Maybe I don't have things adjusted correctly yet but so far I'm not
      >seeing Skimmer decode signals in noise very well.
      >73, Bill W4ZV
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