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795Re: CW Skimmer with SDR-IQ

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  • k0ivk
    Apr 21, 2008
      Thanks for the reply. I have V1.1 and I think I have everything set as
      per the help file for the SDR-IQ. I selected the SDR-IQ in the Hdwe
      type, I've tried all the sampling rates(my SDR-IQ is set at 150Khz BW)
      CW pitch is set at 700Hz on both Spectravue and CW Skimmer. The
      soundcard is showing already in the AudioI/O box, I have tried both MME
      and WDM for soundcard driver. The SDR-IQ is working fine and I
      downloaded the sample recording for CW skimmer and it worked fine. But
      trying to use it with the SDR-IQ, I dont get any display on CW SKIMMER
      and when I click on Start/Stop button on CW Skimmer I get the
      message "Unable to Create the SDR14X Object.
      Hope you can help I'm sure hoping I can get CW Skimmer going!!
      Thanks, Joe k0ivk
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