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788Re: OmniRig, Faros, strange ATU's etc.

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  • Dave Baxter
    Apr 16, 2008
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      Thanks Alex...

      Understood, I think...

      But... I need this to work alongside OmniRig, as that will continue to
      control the radio, so surely Faros needs to know about this possible
      "extra" program?

      I have the OmniRig Client Demo, and your example Delphi sources, plus
      the recreated _TLB That Delphi made. All that compiles and run's just
      fine (with D7) exactly as your own client program does.

      But, unless Im missing something, it's the OmniRig engine itself that I
      need to get to, or sniff the data that Faros sends to it, so as to get
      what's needed and pass it to the ATU controller interface.. ??

      I've created new, and used existing DLL's etc, and also used DDE, but
      never messed with OLE or ActivX, as nothing I've done in the past needed

      In any case, I don't particularly wish to keep polling the radio for
      it's working frequency, as I can foresee problems (with the radio) doing
      that asynchronously, with Faros independently sending commands to it
      from time to time. Most radio's are simple beasts (at least mine are!)
      when it comes to handling remote control commands & sending responses
      back. And sadly neither of them have any means to signal what band they
      are on to "another" device. With the exception of the IC706, but that
      is not in the shack.

      The TS 870 has an internal tuner, but that's very slow to move to even
      known band settings. (and is at the wrong end of a very long feeder!)
      It also has an external tuner connector, but that only supports Tune,
      Abort, and Bypassed type settings, no band info. The old ICOM RX has
      no such device I/O, analogue or digital, in fact the remote control of
      it is "interesting" in the extreme at the best of times!.

      I guess one alternative is to find a FT757 at a good price, that
      seemlessly integrates with the ATU by design, but they in turn apear not
      to be a good radio for remote control! (Not even in the OmniRig list,
      yet, and many comments on the web about their poor implementation of the
      CAT interface.)

      So, I'm back (I think) to "sniffing" the OmniRig/Radio communicaitons,
      either internaly within the PC with the help of N8VB's virtual Null
      Modem's, or externaly with a PIC.


      Cheers Alex..

      Dave G0WBX.

      PS: Feel free to reply direct off list if needed.

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      > 1a. Re: OmniRig, Faros, strange ATU's etc.
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      > 1a. Re: OmniRig, Faros, strange ATU's etc.
      > Posted by: "Alex, VE3NEA" alshovk@... alshovk
      > Date: Mon Apr 14, 2008 6:41 pm ((PDT))
      > Hi Dave,
      > OmniRig is not a program, it is just an engine that a client
      > application can use to change the settings of the radio, and
      > to be notified when those settings are changed externally.
      > There is no limit to the number of programs that can use the
      > engine simultaneously.
      > A simple program, based on OmniRig, can be written to send
      > the band info to another COM port, e.g., to an ATU, there is
      > no need to sniff the data on the port. Rumors have it that
      > W2RF is currently working on such program.
      > Faros sends the band change command to the radio 1 second
      > before the start of the beacon message. Longer lead time
      > would increase the danger of truncating the previous message.
      > 73 Alex VE3NEA
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      > Question #1...
      > Is it posible for OmniRig to send (for example) frequency
      > data to "another device", as well as the radio it's using?
      > I'd like to send the working frequency (that Faros is using)
      > to an ATU controler, as well as the beacon reception radio.
      > If there is an easy way already, I'd love to know it, else
      > I'll have to "sniff" the data stream that goes to the radio,
      > or find some other way of getting the data.
      > I've had a poke about the OmniRig files, but can only see
      > things relating to controling one radio at a time from one
      > application.
      > Unless (It is Monday!) I've got my eyes painted on today....
      > Question #2....
      > How much "lead time" does Faros use, to send the commands to
      > the radio to change frequency? So that it's on frequency
      > ready for when a beacon transmits. Is there a tweek
      > somewhere so as to pre-empt things a little? I'm looking for
      > perhaps up to 1/2 a second maximum.
      > Cheers.
      > Dave G0WBX.
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