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782Serial Splitter utility programs. (was Re: Help Needed with Skimmer/Telnet)

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  • Barry GM3YEH
    Apr 11, 2008
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      Thanks for this Dave. I did try one of the GPS applications but it
      seemed to have very slow poll and update rate - so not much use for
      the frenzy of a contest! The one I tried was unstable as well si I
      abandoned it.
      73 de Barry GM3YEH.

      --- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Baxter" <dave@...> wrote:
      > Hi...
      > Have you tried "GPS Gate" from Franson? (Google is your friend!)
      > not just GPS's that it can split between multiple app's, and not
      just on
      > the same PC either, it'll pass serial info over a LAN if needed.
      > It's not free, but it's "Hugely" less expensive than anything from
      > Eltima.
      > Trouble is, this sort of task, is often seen as "specialist
      > by software makers, hence the costs invoved.
      > I am told, that for a time served "C" programmer who knows the
      > API well, it's not that dificult to make a virtual com port. But,
      > it was that easy, the place would be awash with the things. The
      > closest is the N8VB multiple virtual null modem driver. With that,
      > can make many virtual null modems, that in turn you can use to hook
      > applications together, even crossing the Windows 16/32 bit boundry.
      > (Very usefull for us ham types!)
      > If you have any programming experence, VB, C, Delphi etc, you can
      > make whatever serial protocol splitter/combiners you need. But,
      > it's not a trivial task, and can take quite a bit of planning to
      > implement successfully on your own system, let alone explaining it
      > someone else...
      > With that thought...
      > 73.
      > Dave G0WBX.
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