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781Serial Splitter utility programs. (was Re: Help Needed with Skimmer/Telnet)

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  • Dave Baxter
    Apr 11, 2008

      Have you tried "GPS Gate" from Franson? (Google is your friend!) It's
      not just GPS's that it can split between multiple app's, and not just on
      the same PC either, it'll pass serial info over a LAN if needed.

      It's not free, but it's "Hugely" less expensive than anything from

      Trouble is, this sort of task, is often seen as "specialist industrial"
      by software makers, hence the costs invoved.

      I am told, that for a time served "C" programmer who knows the Windows
      API well, it's not that dificult to make a virtual com port. But, if
      it was that easy, the place would be awash with the things. The
      closest is the N8VB multiple virtual null modem driver. With that, you
      can make many virtual null modems, that in turn you can use to hook
      applications together, even crossing the Windows 16/32 bit boundry.
      (Very usefull for us ham types!)

      If you have any programming experence, VB, C, Delphi etc, you can then
      make whatever serial protocol splitter/combiners you need. But, again,
      it's not a trivial task, and can take quite a bit of planning to
      implement successfully on your own system, let alone explaining it to
      someone else...

      With that thought...


      Dave G0WBX.
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