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765CW Skimmer Audio Issues

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  • james.sawle
    Mar 31, 2008
      I am having a great deal of hassle trying to get the software working
      with my Radio, it use to, but since I have upgraded to 1.1 it will not
      play at all.

      I should also say that the software was if'ie anyway with me, as it
      use to work for say 30 minutes and then the same problem that I have
      now appears.

      The Problem is this, now when trying to start up CW Skimmer I get the
      main window appear, but when I select the first icon on the left hand
      side of the main window to start the waterfall up, I get following
      Dialogue box appear:

      'The specified format is not supported or cannot be translated'

      And thus I cannot use the software, any ideas????

      My Radio is the Icom IC-775DSP
      My Interface is the SignaLink USB
      My PC is a P4 with 4Gb of RAM running XP SP2
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