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700Re: [dxatlas] CW Skimmer and Ten-Tec RX-320D

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    Feb 29 6:47 AM
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      Hi Rowland,

      You can try and use your RX-320 receiver with CW Skimmer in the SoftRock-IF
      mode. You will have two copies of the spectrum on the waterfall because the
      output from the radio is not quadrature (I/Q), but you can use the upper
      half of the spectrum and have the whole 12 kHz segment displayed.

      73 Alex VE3NEA

      ----- Original Message -----
      I've been playing with CW Skimmer and the 3Khz audio setting. It
      occurred to me that my Ten-Tec RX-320D has a 12 kHz IF output that
      would give me some more bandwidth. From reading a few posts here I
      gather this won't work without Alex or someone doing some programming,
      so let me just add this to the wish list.

      Rowland K4XD
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