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70Re: [dxatlas] Bandmaster

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    Jul 25, 2004
      Hi Garrett,

      > well got your Bandmaster,, like I said in last email, will not run
      > on my lap top.. But have installed it on 7 of my other 9 computers
      > and it works great

      Good news! I tested the program only on two computers :)

      > 1. will not let me use com1 on unite with ft847,, 847 is direct
      > connect db9 pin to back of 847 and it uses com1.. but none of the
      > settings would work anyway,, I think...I would be glad to fax you
      > the directions for code for this radio if it would help..

      I do not have a command description for FT-990 and FT-947. The FT-947 manual
      is available on the Yaesu web site, but the CAT pages are blank. I searched
      the Internet again today but did not find anything. If you can, please scan
      the CAT sections in these two manuals and email me the images, I will try to
      create the INI files for OmniRig to support these transceivers.

      > 2. Gets way to cluttered (DxAtlas) way to fast,, I set time to keep
      > spots to 13 min and still gets very busy (cluttered) very
      > fast..Possible to set "number of spots to display at one time"???

      This is because of the IOTA contset. When the cluster is so overloaded, it
      makes sense to use filters to control the amount of displayed data. E.g.,
      you can configure the filter (Tools -> Edit Filters) to display only one or
      two bands, or only a specific mode. This is better than limiting the number
      of spots.

      > 3. How about a "clear all spots" button???

      What would it be useful for?

      > 4. a place to configure to different cluster beside the one you have
      > in it???

      This is in my plans for the next version.

      how about adding 2 meters and 440 ( i know not much
      > happening their but I keep trying!! and they do show up on the
      > cluster every once in a while...

      It looks like I have to start the to-do list even before the program is
      released ;-)

      73 Alex VE3NEA
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